Disney’s Tangled Cupcake

By on December 22nd, 2010 . Filed under: Kids, Television .

Disney’s lastest animated children’s film, Tangled is a twist on the classic story, Rapunzel.  I noticed that in one of the previews for the film a “pub thug” offers Rapunzel a tray of cupcakes.

According to Disney’s character description, ATTILA CUPCAKE is the most intimidating of all the thugs; but once you get to know him you realize that he’s actually a quiet softy who is more comfortable in an apron than body armor. Attila is most at home in front of his oven, cooking and baking away. His specialty? Cupcakes. He dreams of the day that he can put down his sword and pick up his spatula… and maybe, just maybe open his own bakery.

The video clip titled Wanted: Pub Thug, can be watched on youtube, or you could always go see the movie!

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  1. kell

    That’s so cute! I can’t believe there’s a whole character around cupcakes!

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