Amazing Megamind Cupcake Mural

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If you ever have thought of making a cupcake mural then visiting Project Core Connect could be a valuable experience! ¬†Although Cake Crumbs (the bakery involved) had never done such a mural before they relished the opportunity to be involved with creating a distracting large mural of Megamind for Denver’s Rock N Roll Marathon.

Now this mural isn’t your ordinary 50 – 100 cupcake picture, no, it required a WHOPPING 1000 cupcakes to create, had to be done on an angle and constructed through the night outside in the cold! ¬†It is certainly a test of endurance.

From the images you get an idea of the scale of this amazing cupcake creation!

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5 Responses to Amazing Megamind Cupcake Mural

  1. Andre

    Okay, I`m on a cupcake site! I first though these are all little candles but Cupcakes are a little sweeter than boring candles.
    I wonder if you painted that on the floor before, cause it looks like you have a lot of experince with things like this, I would mess this up for sure… as an artist, not as the eater though….
    Yummy. I`m getting real hungry.
    Just looked close… it`s on a table right? Super nice ideas came to mind for the next birthday party, thanks!

  2. Cake Crumbs Bakery

    Thanks for the posting Applecupcake! We just found this, and its always exciting for people to recognize our work!
    We all (4-5 depending on the hour) stayed up about 36 hours for this masterpiece, and we worked form a grid. Then we added the boards loaded with cakes at 5am! it was freezing!
    It was a crazy challenge for us, and now we know we could always do it again!
    Check out our website, and let us know what you all think of the rest of our creations!

  3. tyler bivona

    i love ur cakes

  4. tyler bivona

    so does danny he loverss dem cakers

  5. tyler bivona


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