Crochet your own Cupcake Beanie!

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You may recall earlier in the week we showed you examples of a fantastic set up for a Cupcake Birthday Party, but since then we have received a number of requests asking how that adorable little cupcake beanie was made!

Well now we can share the answer, which is Teresa’s ‘The Art of Crochet‘ website.

There is a load of information on this site about all things crochet, but the instructions for this beanie (in adult size) are all available on one page along with video instructions teaching you how to make each and every crochet stitch!

Unfortunately there is no pattern for a child, but you can just make the cupcake wrapper smaller to fit a smaller head and not put as many rounds on your cupcake topping!

All the instructions and video can be found here ‘How to crochet a Cupcake Hat’. ¬†Also they would make a great cupcake gift for Xmas!

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  1. Mariana Curiel

    Hi Teresa i am having a bit of trouble of crocheting a cupcake beanie hat to sell all my cupcake beanie hat
    Teresa can you please give me your tip on how to crochet a cupcake beanie hat
    from your number one crocheter
    Mariana Curiel

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