An amazing cupcake birthday party

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One of readers Traci recently sent in photos of her daughter’s first birthday party and she took their chosen theme ‘cupcakes’ to the extreme!  Traci indicated that All Things Cupcake provided much of her inspiration, but I have to say she has provided me with all the inspiration I need to organize my daughter’s 6th birthday party next year.  Megan has been longing for a cupcake party, and there is no way you can get more cupcakey than this!

The first photo is of their create a cupcake stand!  This would be great fun for all children allowing them to frost and then decorate their cupcakes.  The awesome little cupcake containers were from the Posh Box on Etsy allowing the guests to take their creations home!  And with a bit of ribbon and some buttons, Traci made them so much fun!

For more inspiring photos, click here to see more…

This next photo is adorable, using scraps of fabric to create fabric cupcakes and then onto each she has glued circle letters to create a cool streamer direction.

Following are two photos of the little birthday girl.  How adorable is her little knitted cupcake hats and that t-shirt is just way too sweet!  Thanks Traci for sharing your wonderful photos and ideas with us!

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9 Responses to An amazing cupcake birthday party

  1. Shawn Testa

    I love the cupcake outfit in the picture, where can I get one for my daughter?

  2. Traci

    Thank you so much! My best friend actually has a tutu and headband business. She custom made it for us! If you are interested, send me an email at and I’ll be happy to connect you. She would be thrilled to custom make an outfit with whatever colors you wanted! :0) This is truly one of my most treasured pictures of my little love…

  3. Karen

    I’m having a cupcake birthday party for my 6 yr. old granddaughter this Saturday. I would love to know what else you did and how you decorated. Thanks!

  4. Traci

    I had so much fun “cupcake-ing” our home for this party…I am just sure you will too!

    I was inspired by a lot of ideas from this blog, and one that was a huge hit (and sooo easy) is this cupcake garland! I used wrappers to fit our color scheme, and voila! instant cupcake fun!

    I had a cupcake stand for her “cake” with individual cupcakes for all our guests. Of course, the decorating bar is a must (and if you aren’t a baker, which I am not, you can “cheat” and ask your bakery to omit the frosting, this lets your guest frost them with as much or as little as they want…we used the frosting in the squirt can available from the grocery store).

    Finally, the absolute treasure is a large cupcake that I used as a mat around her picture. (I cut this out from pretty card stock to look like a cupcake) I left plenty of room for our guests to write a note (a guest book of sorts). It went right into her baby book as a wonderful keepsake for her to have one day, I just know she will love it!

    Have fun at your granddaughter’s party! :0) And happy birthday to your little cupcake!

  5. Ashley with Dress My Cupcake

    This is too adorable! Looks like such a fun party! -Ashley, Dress My Cupcake (

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  7. Liz

    Cupcakes are such a fun party theme, you can find more great decorations here –

  8. Liz

  9. Lisa

    I love it! Such great ideas. Thank you!

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