Effervescent Cupcake Drink Tablets

By on December 4th, 2010 . Filed under: Gifts, Party Items .

I admit, I started laughing when I saw these. Actually, I’m still laughing. This might be cupcake-love gone too far. Effervescent Cupcake Drink Tablets. Just drop one of these babies into your glass of water and voila, you have bubbly cupcake-flavored water. I just don’t know why anyone would want his or her water to taste likeĀ a cupcake. Wouldn’t it be easier to just eat a cupcake? The manufacturers urge us not to limit ourselves to water though, claiming that the tablets also work well in milk, juice, and soda. Gross! Although, I can remember a few times in college when these little buggers would have come in handy, but we won’t go there. The manufacturers also recommend slipping them into your friend’s beverage when he or she isn’t looking. All Things Cupcake does NOT recommend nor endorse this! You can buy a tin of these at Amazon for only $6.99. Good luck! (Oh, and if you are not grossed out yet, they also come in bacon flavor!)

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