Christmas Stocking Holder

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Who else is in the process of decorating their house for Christmas? Are you looking for more ways to incorporate cupcakes into your holiday decor? Well then if you are I have found just the thing for you.

Santa and Snowman Cupcake Christmas Stocking Holder from Trendy Tree

I have to say that Trendy Tree has some of the coolest Christmas decorations and such that I have ever seen, including tons of Cupcake Ornaments. What is your favorite Christmas decoration, cupcake or otherwise that you have up for the holidays?

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  1. Jeannie Pence/Trendy Tree

    Thank you so much for mentioning our website! I love cupcakes)))) Love cupcake and candy Christmas ornaments…gingerbread….anything sweet…..we have some new Cupcakes on a Stick coming in this year from RAZ. I think they are going to be very unique.
    Thanks again! I enjoy your site)))

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