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Looking for a cute and easy way to decorate cupcakes?  Well, look no further than Cupcake Cuties!  Each Cupcake Cuties Kit comes complete with  24 easy-to-use, self-adhesive sleeves and all the custom toppings to complete the designated cupcake design.  Easy to follow instructions and pictures are  included in each Cupcake Cuties Designer Kit.  Check out my favorite:

This week Cupcake Cuties is giving away their “Cutie of the Month”, Santa!

To enter this giveaway, just visit Cupcake Cuties website and take a look around.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what was your favorite cutie and what cutie you believe they should add to their shop.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, December 6th.   Good luck!

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52 Responses to Cupcake Cuties Giveaway

  1. crazy bunny lady

    I love, love, love that sushi one! That’s fabulous!
    I think they should have a cute cottage one. Where the sleeve looks like a cute little house, and you can make the frosting look like a thatched roof. Maybe for a house warming party?

  2. Kelly

    My favorite has got to be the cheeseburger! How fun and funny too. I see baseball, basketball and football, but what about soccer? I think a soccer themed one would be a good idea to add.

  3. Sara

    That sushi role is awesome. How about a kitty?

  4. Morgan

    I LOVE the popcorn one and the cheeseburger one… maybe they could add a mountain themed one or a hockey puck? (I know my fella would enjoy those!)

  5. CaSaundra

    I liked the layered cake one! I think they should add a Hello Kitty one!

  6. Kay

    I love the sushi one! If they did more food related ones (spaghetti and meatballs?) I think it’d be cute!

  7. Jess

    I’d have to say my favorites are the wedding cakes and the bca kits. I think another one for a charity would be perfect, maybe one designed by kids for st Jude?

  8. Lindsey

    OH my so cute! I can’t pick just one fav I love the jungle themed ones and the ice cream cone ones!! I think a gingerbread house themed one would be adorable and also a red, white , and blue star themed ones would be great!!!

  9. tine moons

    i really love the santa, maybe a cute teddybear would be nice…

  10. Melissa Semioli The Cakery Fakery

    My favorite is the fall leaves one because its my favorite time of year and I love the colors, you can probably create so many different ones! I think they should make a diva themed kit with sparkles!

  11. Jodi

    Love the martini glass!!! Perfect timing for the holidays! I don’t see any girlie ones, so a really cute princess cupcake cutie would be great!

  12. Ellyssa

    The cupcake cuties are soooo CUTE! Even my puppy was drooling when he saw these cupcakes! My favorite is the Ice cream cone cupcake cutie! I think that they should do a strawberry shortcake themed one next or maybe a strawberry jelly donut themed one!! The jelly could be leaking of the top of the cupcake! They could put a cute pretend doughnut at the top!

  13. Judy Plazz

    My fave was the jackolantern. They for sure need a snowman..I would love to see a snowman. Or even a gingerbread house.

  14. Karen Barrett

    I love the hamburger one! (Though the popcorn runs a close second!) They are soooo creative! I LOVE them!!!

  15. Jae Lowe

    I LOVE the Santa one. I think they need a Snowman one. I’m a big snowman collector. It would be super cute :)

  16. Amy

    I love the sushi one. Maybe a wedding one for those who want cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.

  17. Tammy Williamson

    love the Santa face and the multi hearts~

  18. Laura

    I think they should include some animal faces, kinda like the santa claus.

  19. Stephanie

    I love the halloween, bunny, love the sushi roll, santa oh my i love them all I’d be happy eating and creating all of them.

  20. Kristi

    I love the sushi one! I think they need a french fry one to go along with the cheesburger!

  21. Caroline

    I think the Scary Skull is hilarious! I remember seeing it before and thinking what a great looking cupcake it makes! I didn’t see any Independence Day-related cupcakes (which would be amazing as desserts for summer barbecues). Also, I think puppy and kitten-themed cupcakes would be adorable!

  22. Alicia

    I love the popcorn one. They are so adorable! I think a cute one would be margarita one or a hot chocolate one would be cute

  23. Courtney

    I am quite partial to the cheeseburger! I’ve made cupcake that look like burgers before, but that is too cute!

  24. Jessica Peterson

    I really like the Cuties for the Cure! I think they should add even more cute food ones!

  25. Heather

    My favorite is Summer Fun! Makes me want to sip a cocktail on the beach…and of course eat a cupcake.

  26. Donna

    Well i just love each and everyone, my mind wanders from a beach theme to log cabins…kittens and puppies….more more more! love them

    ps who wouldnt love that Santa?

  27. Lisa P

    I love the martini one … great idea for a fun girls night get together :) I would love to see a spring time garden where you make the tops flowers!!! These are so cute!!

  28. Theresa S

    I love all of them but my favorite is the layered cake! For now I think I’m going to order the Santa one. Harry Potter would be great to add to their selection.

  29. adrian

    Those are the cutest things I have ever seen. I love the popcorn cutie!

  30. isabeau

    I love the popcorn one!
    I think they should add a face/head one and you could make the top brains! Perfect for halloween or people who just love to be different and scare and freak out their friends!

  31. Brett

    I love the hamburger how funny!
    I think a perfec new idea would be snowglobe cupcakes! put in anything you like with a dome on top :)

  32. Jess

    I love the popcorn and cheeseburger ones… I think they’re really cute and quite funny!
    I would like to see a Christmas tree one to celebrate Christmas season and would also like to see a balloon one. The bottom wrap being the bottom half of the balloon and string, and then on top being built up with coloured icing….

  33. lynne

    i love the sushi one! it’s so cute!
    I think they should have a gingerbread house one!

  34. Nicola

    My favorite is the Breast Cancer Awareness cutie! A good friend is a two time survivor and I made cupcakes last month for a bake sale to raise money for the 3 Day Walk – I wish I had known about these! There are a couple of Christmas ones, what about a Chanukah one?

  35. Debi

    I love the sushi and popcorn Cuties!!! I think some more food related and animal ones would be a great addition. (Maybe a turkey with Gummi tail feathers)

  36. Danielle

    My favorite cutie is the layered cake or the cheeseburger! So cute! :)

  37. Alicia

    I love the breast cancer awareness one. What about other causes such as troop support, all cancer (purple)

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  39. mrs cupcakes

    there all so def gunna look out for these i want some.;) <3cupcakes

  40. Brittany

    My favorite is the popcorn!!! What about s school themed one?

  41. mrs cupcakes

    my fav is the icecream and classic birthday.i really would also like to see a gingerbread house with the roof maybe out out of gramcrackers.maybe a dragon i was thinin the wings could be made out of some kind of cookie or maybe chocolate then stuck in the top of cupcake or haunted house would be cool .even a ladybug <3cupcakes have a nice day.



  43. Mandy

    I really like the Baby Congrats one tis sso cute,how about a Happy New Year .. one.

  44. Jamie

    I love the sushi one!! I would love to see ones that are different landmarks

  45. Cindy Silva

    I LOVE the St. Patty’s Day one (one of my fave holidays). I think a carousel or a gingerbread house would be cute :)

  46. Stephanie

    I’m in love with the sushi one! So adorable! My idea is a beer mug – that way men are drawn to them, too! How awesome would it be to serve those at a bday party or engagement party?

  47. Julie

    I like the summer fun one!! Sooooo cute!!! Hmm.. ideas? Princess themed one, maybe?

  48. Angela S

    They are all super creative! My favorite would be the easter baskets! I would really like to see house shaped cupcakes, I think they would be great for house warming parties! The actual cupcake could be the base of the house & the icing could be shaped as the roof! :]

  49. Melissa Manfredi

    I love the sushi roll!

  50. thepricklypinecone

    I love the cheeseburger cupcakes! A great idea would be for a clown.

  51. David

    I always post on these things and hope for good luck maybe this time. my wife would love the layer cake one. What about chicken nuggets or a cottage house?

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