Lakeland Electric Cupcake Maker

By on November 27th, 2010 . Filed under: Gifts, Kitchen .

Earlier this month we shared with you the Sunbeam Cupcake Maker available from Target for $49.99.  While looking around online I came across the Lakeland Electric Cupcake Maker which is available in the UK from Lakeland, The Home of Creative Kitchenware. With this piece of equipement you can bake 6 cupcakes without even turning on your oven.  The maker costs £39.99 and right now there is a special where you get 12 Pastel Silicone Cupcake Cases FREE!

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3 Responses to Lakeland Electric Cupcake Maker

  1. vera

    Por favor gostaria muito de uma maquina de cupcake.
    onde consigo comprar?

  2. samanta

    Boa Noite! Gostaria de comprar uma maquina desta de cupcake qual e preco para o Brasil para o CEP 38056090.

  3. Lhais

    Como faço para compra???

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