Cupcake Nail Art

By on November 24th, 2010 . Filed under: Artwork, Bed, Bath, Body .

I am always envious of people who can pull off nail art.  I came across this tutorial for cupcake nail art and wish i had the patience and talent to attempt these super cute nails!  Simply Rins provides instructions and tips on how to create these and many more nails that are truly a work of art.

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7 Responses to Cupcake Nail Art

  1. kell

    you should try it!!! its really cute!

  2. Becs

    OMG these are adorable!! to be fair, I have enough trouble just getting normal one-colour nail polish on my nails… Hehe.

    Becs @ Stiletto Studio

  3. rins

    Hi! Thanks for sharing my cupcake nail art! :)

  4. Penni

    i LOVE it!!! i think i am going to see if my nail tech will try it the next time i get my nails done! :-)

  5. Cheska

    So adorable indeed! :D

  6. Anna

    I did it and it turned out soo cute I used a crochet needle to dot the cupcake you can also use a chop stick end. This is the best one Ive seen.

  7. bethany

    OMG!!cupcakes are my absolute favorite thing in the world right next to painting my nails and at 13 i do that alot…SOO when i see theese i started going insane i LOVE theese.And know ill be trying this soon :) <3

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