Chocolate Winners

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Check out our three chocolate winners!

I love chocolate for several reasons; I love the richness of good, dark chocolate-you can be satisfied with just a bite. I love the play of it with other flavors-ginger, sea salt, wasabi, fruit, almost anything. And I love how much people enjoy it when I bake with chocolate-sending cookies to my brother away at college or bringing them to a friend struggling with midterms.

Tiffani O

Chocolate is the most amazing thing. It can be sweet or savory. Simply sweet cupcakes or a heavenly cocoa crusted pork tenderloin. There is really nothing you can’t do with chocolate! Take a moment to enjoy some today and make your day simply sweet!

Shawn Allen

I dream of a chocolate river flowing silky smooth. Chocolate truffle bushes lining the powdery cocoa banks. With chocolate chunks and chips giving the chocolate pecan turtles a cozy place to rest. Fluffy chocolate peeps soaring through the sky while little chocolate butterflies flutter softly by. The sweet aroma of chocolate bliss fills the air. In my chocolate dreamworld I drift without a care. I see my chocolate paradise as am wide awake, when just a piece of chocolate is placed upon my plate.

Congratulations!  Please email your mailing address to  Thanks to all who entered and to Scharffen Berger and their  Cupcake Adventure Contest.

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