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You may remember a post I shared a few weeks ago about Scharffen Berger’s Cupcake Adventure Contest.  Original cupcake recipes can be submitted for the chance to win great prizes.   Want to know why they call this contest an adventure?   Click here  to find out!
Well, this week we are hosting a giveaway of the wonderful chocolates!  Three winners will each win a 70% and a  62% 9.7oz baking bar along with branded Scharffen Berger cupcake liners.  Such a sweet prize!  To win, simply click on the comment area below and tell us why you love chocolate.   Three winners will be chosen on Monday, November 8th.



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36 Responses to Chocolate Giveaway

  1. Emma

    I love chocolate for several reasons; I love the richness of good, dark chocolate-you can be satisfied with just a bite. I love the play of it with other flavors-ginger, sea salt, wasabi, fruit, almost anything. And I love how much people enjoy it when I bake with chocolate-sending cookies to my brother away at college or bringing them to a friend struggling with midterms.

  2. Kay

    There is literally nothing that I don’t love about chocolate… except when I don’t have any, haha.

  3. Manette Gutterman

    Chocolate = love! It has the right chemistry to always make you feel good. I especially love chocolate wine truffles!

  4. Valerie h

    I love it bc it makes me feel like a kid again and it’s a little pick me up

  5. Lee Ann Brooker

    I love dark chocolate because it is good for you. I enjoy it best when I share it with my partner in a romantic setting. :)

  6. vanessa e

    chocolate is lucious, sensuous, and delicious beyond words..making the sweet and savory extra special.

  7. pao pao

    I love chocolate!
    To me, chocolate represents passion and sensuality. I always make luscious, decadent chocolate desserts for my honey. Chocolate is sweet but not too sweet, and hits the right spot when craving something yummy and with a complex flavor.
    And chocolate goes well with everything: with wine, cheese, cakes, cookies… everything! and if something doesn’t work with chocolate, I will just omit that something and stick with chocolate :)

  8. Anne

    Chocolate in any way, shape or form makes me smile! But most important it makes other people smile which makes the world a better place :)

  9. Natalie

    I love the smell of chocolate, the taste of chocolate, and especially baking with chocolate! I love to see people reactions when they taste something wonderful I have made with chocolate! The way a chocolate cupcake can turn someone’s day around, make them smile, or take them back to their childhood should be enough for anyone to LOVE chocolate!

  10. Sourkraut

    Is it too simplistic to say I love chocolate because it’s delicious? If only it loved me (and my waistline) back!

  11. Janelle King

    I love chocolate because it is so good for my soul. Its make feel like I am am floating in air, and calms my nerves.

  12. Susan Krauss

    Chocolate is one of life’s simplest,purest pleasures. Even the least expensive brands make me ridiculously happy! It just brings a smile to my face.

  13. Debi

    chocolate……. need there be anything else said?!!! mmmmmmm :0)

  14. Tiffani O

    Chocolate is the most amazing thing. It can be sweet or savory. Simply sweet cupcakes or a heavenly cocoa crusted pork tenderloin. There is really nothing you can’t do with chocolate! Take a moment to enjoy some today and make your day simply sweet!

  15. Sara

    Chocolate is something that you just crave, and when you want it, nothing will replace that craving!

  16. Robyn

    I love chocolate because it solves all my problems..mmmm PS Love this blog.

  17. Lisa B.

    What a great giveaway! I absolutely love chocolate—to eat, to bake with and to give as gifts. Chocolate is my stress reliever and there’s nothing better than coming home, relaxing and indulging a great piece of chocolate.

  18. Lisa P

    I love chocolate for one reason …. Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better !!!

  19. sheila

    chocolate——-i love chocolate. I know it’s not profound or anyyhing, we all love chocolate. But for me… it goes much more beyond that!!!!!!

  20. Cassandra

    ’cause it’s chocolatey

  21. RockerJewlz

    I love chocolate because of its creamy goodness. It always feels like a treat and not just some random candy. I love the colors of chocolate too. That smooth surface does something too me too….makes me feel calm.

  22. M.S.

    Chocolate can fix any problems

  23. Emily Lynn

    I love chocolate, it may not be able to fix every problem, but it really makes me feel better!

  24. Neriza Bianes

    I love chocolates because it’s super delicious and stress relieving..

  25. Melinda Ann

    I love chocolate because it is chocolate. There’s nothing like it!

  26. Angela S

    I am one of those people who believe “life is too short, eat dessert first!” When it comes to picking out that dessert, it most definetly will contain chocolate in one way or another! :]

  27. icitea/clare

    I love chocolate for its sensuality and fragrant flavours~ It’s so versatile for cooking; it can be eaten plain, or as a garnish, even as a spread! Delicious~

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  28. Bridget

    How can you not love chocolate!? It comes in so many forms for you to eat; frostings, chocolate bars, cocoa powder and syrups. As well as being able to be added into almost any recipe from sweet to savory foods. I love Chocolate in all its forms!

  29. Mia

    Because chocolate goes with everything :)

  30. Fionna

    Is there anything better then chocolate and a good glass of red wine? That’s why I love it.

  31. Shawn Allen

    I dream of a chocolate river flowing silky smooth. Chocolate truffle bushes lining the powdery cocoa banks. With chocolate chunks and chips giving the chocolate pecan turtles a cozy place to rest. Fluffy chocolate peeps soaring through the sky while little chocolate butterflies flutter softly by. The sweet aroma of chocolate bliss fills the air. In my chocolate dreamworld I drift without a care. I see my chocolate paradise as am wide awake, when just a piece of chocolate is placed upon my plate.

  32. Stephanie

    Chocolate makes me sexy, loving, coxy , yummy, memorable. I love hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies. I love anything chocolate especially the chocolate cupcakes my BF4L shanna makes. I wish i was in the chocolate river in charlie and the chocolate factory. It beats the cold and it melts my summer.
    LOVE IT !!!

  33. Justine

    I love chocolate because it calmes me down. I could be having the worst day and just a bar of chocolate would make it all better!

  34. Cynthia Clifford

    Chocolate recruits all my senses and takes me away for the duration its in my mouth.

  35. Jennifer

    What’s not to love? Chocolate makes everything better… peanut butter, marshmallows, ice cream. It’s yummy hot and in a mug and it’s yummy cold and frozen in a fudge bar. Gotta love it anyway I can get it.

  36. isabeau

    It eases the strain of a stressful day, it is indulgent on a dark stormy night, it is something you never want to share but always do. It makes me feel good & tastes so yummy.

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