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Our giveaway this week comes to you from Etsy crafter SewCosmic.  I love her shops’ name because of it’s fun meaning:

(C) reative
(O) ptimistic
(S) ewing (LoVE)
(M) om (Mommy, Mother, Momma, etc)
(I) ndependent
(C) ollector (Of Wayyyy too much Fabric!!♥♥)

How cute is that?  And how cute are these cupcake items from her shop?

This week you, our wonderfully loyal fans, will have the chance to win this amazing and very useful cupcake lanyard.  And as a bonus, SewCosmic is letting the winner pick one add-on too!  You may choose either a watch, whistle or badge holder.   I personally have one of these lanyards with a watch and I love it.  It is well-made and perfect for those of us who need quick access to keys or for attaching a badge for work.


To enter this giveaway, just visit SewCosmic’s Etsy shop and peruse her creations.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what was your favorite item and what item you believe she should add to her shop.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, October 25th.  Good luck my sweeties!

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49 Responses to A Cosmic Giveaway

  1. Linda Abbott

    What a great collection of creations. As I am a teacher the lanyard with cupcakes is great for me to keep my keys and whistle. But what about a nappy (diaper) wallet – to take travelling with space for a nappy, and a wipes case. Great for mums on the go! Also what about material covered diaries and address books, would be gorgeous!

  2. Jeannie

    My favorite item? The Birthday Banner, how cute is that. Would be great if it came in different styles.

  3. Doreen

    All her item area so cute, I love the key chains!!! Thanks!

  4. Leslie

    I absolutely love the crayon travel cases. They are perfect for mom’s on the go, like myself.

    I would like to see a diaper/wipe travel case.

  5. Sean Hile

    Even though the lanyards are really great (especially the cupcake and fall leaves patterns) after visiting the collection, I thought the crayon roll ups were a fantastic idea. As for something she could add, a leash/collar would be a cute addition! :)

  6. Julia

    I really like the watches.
    I think something to add would be cute pillowcases and blankets.

  7. Fionna

    I loved the cupcake patterned crayon roll up! It’s so cute and practical. I loved the minky/stroller blanket but would love to see it in the cupcake pattern. I was also thinking that a collar/leash set in the cupcake pattern would be nice. Thanks for this! She’s got a great shop.“

  8. Lindsay

    How absolutely adorable! I’m loving everything, but I esp. like the little Key Fob’s! They’re perfect and so sweet! I think you should add checkbook covers! I love to change mine out to match my mood! LOL Thanks!

  9. Sarah

    Honestly all the items are too cute!! How can you pick just one!?!
    I loved the mini key fob’s! So much fun…Designs are adorable!

  10. Emily Schell (iBAK3)

    I would have to say that my favorite item is a tie between the cupcake mini key fob (for me!) and the cupcake crayon roll up (for my daughter!) I have this affinity for organizational things, haha!
    Your things are SO cute :D

  11. Carrie Smith

    I love the crayon roll! What a great idea! I would love to see a wipes cover case to match!

  12. danycakes

    I love the Lanyards!!! they are adorable.

    I would love to see something like a cell phone pouch/holder. the patterns are super cute!!!

  13. Krystal

    I like the Clip On Retractable ID Badge Holder…My sister is a nurse…they are so cute!

  14. Ashley

    WOW! What a great selection of stuff! I love the pink poodle lanyard, I bookmarked it to get it for my mom for Christmas (I have a cupcake collection but my mom has a pink poodle collection)

    I think it would be neat if she made the items that have the cupcake print in seasonal colors, like Halloween cupcakes, Christmas cupcakes etc.

  15. Victoria Elaine

    I love the cupcake mini key fob. Super cute! I’d like to see tortilla warmers or pillow cases. :)

  16. Vanessa

    As a person who always goes to comic-con I love love love the lanyards! They are always giving you ugly ones and to have my own with what I love–cupcakes!
    I think a leash or a book covet would be fabulous. Also, phone cases would be swell!

  17. Tanya

    I love the sock monkey badge holder. I would like to see some change purses in her shop.

  18. Mrsmommee

    I love the mini key fobs and the retractable id holder! Maybe she can add one if those wristlets that carries a phone and has inserts for cards cash headphones. :) great job.

  19. Amber

    I love the owl patterned Crayon roll up! So adorable! It would be fun to see ice cream cones, cherries, pies, and other delicious treats on her stuff!

  20. Isa Domo

    I love the birthday banner! I’d personalize it with a childs name, or the name of a store! I would totally love one for my place of business! Or maybe just a cheerful welcome banner.

  21. Angela S

    My job requires me to have a retractable badge ID holder, and unfortunately they supplied us with only solid colors. When I saw what you offered, I realized how boring and plain mine is! My favorite item was the Carnival Bloom ID holder, it’s much more fun & prettier than what I have now! I would like to see Ipod cases in a variety of patterns! :]

  22. Liz Crowe

    I loved the retractable cupcake lanyard holder because I work at Michael’s and I can’t have a lot of personalization on my uniform (go figure). I think she should put up this pattern that I am going to also put on my store: the fabric lunchbox! The pattern is here http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=7883&cat_id=&criteria=lunch+bag. Would be very cute with cupcake fabric! :)

  23. Kristina W.

    LOVE IT ALL. The cupcake lanyard is super-cute (definitely moreso than the ones here at work). I also like the baseball keyfob because, well, that’s cute too. :-) Is there an iPhone-type pouch in the cupcake print? If not, we definitely need that!

  24. Becki M.

    I like the crayon rolls too, but the birthday banner is super cute! I would love to see some cupcake pot holders, I use them all the time but can’t find cute ones :)

  25. Lisa

    I love all the crayon roll-ups. They are so convenient for travel I will have to purchase the “Are we there yet” one for my next 8 hr drive from NC to NJ. My daughter can use the state logos to help her find different license plates. I would love to see any of the other products in the Hello Kitty print. She has become my daughters new favorite fixation.

  26. Amber

    I really like the wrist key lanyard, all fabrics. I would like to see any of the items in a cute patriotic fabric.

  27. Karen

    I LOVE the cupcake retractable badge clip. I work in a hospital, and I always have one of those on for my keys and ID badge. With our first baby on her way in just 2 weeks, I LOVE all things cupcake. Our nursery is themed in cupcakes. Check out our blog and you can see! I would love to see knitting needle or crochet hook roll up pouches for traveling! They would be similar to the crayon roll-up I bet!

  28. Alicia

    I think the cupcake stuff is really cute! I think another idea should be a card holder with cupcakes or ice cream cones on them. It would be a hit! Thanks!

  29. Kathryn

    I really love the cupcake items! My very favorite is the cupcake retractable badge holder. I work in the hospital and need a cute badge holder…with my favorite…CUPCAKES! I think it would be a good idea to make wipes cases. So many mommies have to carry wipes even after all are out of diapers!

  30. Kristi Harkin

    I like Crayon Roll Up. Cupcakes. Birthday. FUN. I would like to see some Christmas crayon rolls.

  31. Jessica Perez

    I loved the crayon case it’s such a cute neat idea! My 2 year old would love the yummy lil cupcakes on it. I also like the lanyard. Too Cute! But I would like to see cupcake room decor stuff like..pillows, blankets, curtains and so on.

  32. Daisy Cisneros

    I like the cupcake lanyard!
    A travel make up bag would be great to see as well added to this collection. :)

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  34. Kim VV

    very cute items especially the badge holder and lanyards. Love the idea of a wipes cover as I keep these in my car for the kids even now and they have long been out of diapers.

  35. Jessica Grimes

    I absolutely LOVE the Minky stroller blanket!
    I have a new niece and I definitely plan on buying this for her. Too cute!

    This shop is full of fun and amazing items, and if I could suggest anything it would be a baby blanket with a cupcake design!

    Thanks so much for sharing this etsy member with us. Definitely going to favorite this user!

  36. Rachel Moyers

    I was just looking for something similar to the Lanyard (with any print– I love them all too many to choose) for my keys. They always seem to get lost in my diaper bag and it would just make life easier. I’m so glad to have found a site to buy them.:) thanks for making life just a little easier. Everything helps

  37. Jill

    I love the wristlet key fobs. I am excited about this contest. As to add to the shop I would add monogramming.

  38. Julie

    I love the crayola rollup made with the flame fabric.
    It’s perfect for boys of all ages because there just isn’t enough great ideas for boys gifts. This is masculine and functional. Keep up the great work!

  39. Monica

    Everything in the SewCodmic store is “sew” cute! I have a gigantic mom purse, so this lanyard would be helpful for finding my keys more quickly. I think a great addition to the store would the a cupcake slip cover for my KitchenAid stand mixer!

  40. Jennifer

    Loved the cupcake lanyard! Wouldn’t mind seeing something vintage style football…..I am always at the field with my son and we have little bags set up for all his needs. I really like the idea of having something to hold his/my things that isn’t related to a popular football team.

  41. Melissa

    I work in a hospital and LOVE the badge holder, and I think she should make a cupcake themed checkbook holder. =) Great stuff!!!

  42. Kristen Loper

    I really like the crayon roll-ups, and noted that you have a similar product for colored pencils, but have you considered a version for crochet/knitting needles? I know it’s a little cliche, but maybe you could make coordinating stitch markers, too.

  43. Alicia E

    I love the Crayon Roll Up Cupcakes especially for when I work with children. I think a great idea would be a trash bag holder for the car either in cupcake fabric or any of the fabrics she has

  44. David

    I love all of them for my wife and I bet she would really like the cupcake lanyard. I think a great addition would be a blender cover!

  45. Heaven

    I like the zebra print landyard my sister would love it. I love cupcakes so keep making cupcake lanyards!

  46. Bonnie

    I have to wear a boring plain old lanyard at work. Everyone at work knows that I’m a cake decorator, with cupcakes being my favorite to decorated. How cute would this cupcake lanyard be!!!

  47. Chelsea

    I love the cupcake fabric! so cute. would love one of the lanyards or wristlets :)

  48. Violet

    I Love everything especially the zebra print and cupcake paterns!! I would love a cupcake lanyard for my keys!!

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