Decapitated head cupcakes anyone?

By on October 17th, 2010 . Filed under: Halloween .

Decapitated Head Cupcake by PepsiNZ

I think I need to explain myself!

Well I was cruising Flickr today when I stumbled upon this rather gross cupcake by PepsiNZ.  Actually it is a very funny mix of really awful and really cute, the face is adorable!  But it would make the most awesome Halloween cupcake, especially that is if you have older boys!

She is quite talented with her cupcake creations, but before you race off and check out her photostream, be warned it is not all G rated!

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7 Responses to Decapitated head cupcakes anyone?

  1. crocos

    I’ve been told by the chef that my bald head was the model. I’m not sure how to take that… :-)

  2. SouthernStunner22Male.

    Hello heavenly blessed beauty Pepsi whose inner beauty and cooking skill is simply divine and everlasting…good luck in all your baking goals in 2010.

    Would love to get my hands on her cupcakes.

  3. Pepsi

    Why, thank you random creepy stranger. Your kind words are appreciated :)

    @crocos: You should take it as a compliment that I spent some time out of my day thinking about your bald head ;)

  4. Stoolie

    Crikey – lucky you didn’t host that massage table stain incident cupcake here…

  5. Stoolie

    I spoke too soon.

  6. Pepsi

    Hehe, yeah thanks for reminding me :)

  7. SouthernStunner22Male


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