Do you love Cupcake Wars? Ace of Cakes?

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If you answered yes, then I have to inform you, that David Letterman disagrees with you, but don’t worry, “he is just nuts”.

Well that is what David Letterman said on air this Friday after he blasted Rachael Ray with a barrage of complaints about the number and type of cupcake shows on the air at the moment.  What Rachael had to do with these cupcake shows is not clear but I am guessing the link may be that there are a lot of cupcake shows at the moment, and Rachael also has a lot of her own shows.  Forgive me I might be wrong, but it was the only thing I could see that could possibly give reason for David to direct his annoyance at Rachael.

Before Rachael even got out to stage David said “You realize there’s a billion people in the world starving every day, and there’s a group of assholes having fights over cupcakes. They’re fighting over cupcakes! … Does that seem right to you?”

I guess we can take from this that David Letterman doesn’t like cupcake shows, but surely censorship is not the answer to the worldwide hunger problem?

All I can say is I fully respect how Rachael handled herself and as Letterman himself says she “had every reason to be alarmed”, he continues “I’m so sorry”.

View the interview here

View the apology here

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  1. cupcakeideasforyou

    As TV personality with known very opinionated mind I think David had the right to express his opinion. I am with you on your opinion with Rachel’s reaction. So respectful and understanding. I think this is how the world should be, understanding and listening. Hooray to cupcakes!lol

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