Angry Gang War Cupcakes

By on October 5th, 2010 . Filed under: Crafts .

This is Crazy Pink Cupcake, just don't call him that!

I found this Etsy site the other day and it is fantastic!  The owner Karly, has only just re set the store up mid last month, and if these absolutely adorable clay figures are anything to go by she is going to do a roaring trade, I am so in love.  My favorite is this little dude here with the lifter fork thing, his name is Sprinklez.

You can check out all of Karly’s creations on her blog too.  All of these creations are currently available, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they move pretty quickly!  I am so eyeing you Mr Sprinklez! xxx

The cupcakes flank the ice cream dude!

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2 Responses to Angry Gang War Cupcakes

  1. Melissa Semioli

    I LOVE her etsy shop, I am one of her biggest fans!

  2. Karly West

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the feature! I’m so happy and so flattered that my angry little creations are getting so much love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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