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Handbag cupcakes

By on Monday, September 27th, 2010

I am sure we have all seen handbag cupcakes by now, they are appearing everywhere!  Well today I thought I would bring you some of the best handbag cupcakes around.  Personally I love them, they are cute, sexy and can define whatever mood you are in!  What do you think of these?

These ones are by Pretty, Cute Cupcakes on Flickr.  They are gorgeous Chanel bags and I love the color combinations chosen here, so delicate and pretty.

These ones are simply amazing and were featured on The Cupcake Blog, talk about detail!  I am in love with that red one!  These are by Anita Jamal.

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Cupcake Ukulele

By on Monday, September 27th, 2010

I absolutely love Etsy! The sellers on there never cease to amaze me with their creative and unique products.  My sister sent me the link to this cupcake ukulele handcrafted by Celentano Woodworks, which is a great example of how talented Etsy sellers are.  The $450.00 ukulele is made to order and you can watch this youtube video of it being played:

Knit Cupcake Party Favors

By on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 strikes again! They have these cute knit cupcakes that are great for party favors for your little ones birthday party. Perfect addition to your birthday goodie bag.

Handmade Knit Cupcakes

What was your favorite thing in a goodie bag as a child?

Delia’s Cupcake T’s

By on Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Delia’s currently has two graphic t-shirt available which feature cupcakes.  The first is the cupcake stripe tee which is a white and black striped shirt with a large cupcake image on the front for $19.95. The rhinestone cupcake burnout tee is another option, it is a black tee with a cupcake made entirely out of cupcakes.  The second shirt is $24.50 but right now there is a buy 2 & save $10 promotion, so if you can’t decide you could always get both!

Crate and Barrel Halloween Products

By on Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Mini and regular cupcake liners $3.95-4.95 per set

Thursday the latest Crate & Barrel catalog came in the mail and after looking through it I had to stop buy my local store.  I could not resist buying some of their Halloween items, especially since I know I will be baking cupcakes for Halloween! Don’t wait to long if you’re interested in buying these items, the sale’s associate told me the spider cupcake holders are going fast!

Spider Cupcake Holder, $1.95 each or 6 for $8.95

Tasty Science

By on Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Hello Fellow Cupcake Lovers! I was at the hardware store today just mulling around before I went up to the register and I saw this box with a cupcake on it, so I went right up to the box to explore a little bit more. I found this fun Tasty Science Kit for kids. Right on the box it poses the question, How does a cupcake rise?.  I wish that I had had this when I was a kid. If you kids love baking, science or both I am sure that they will love this.

You can find this Tasty Science Kit at

Iron Cupcake Milwaukee

By on Saturday, September 25th, 2010

As you probably know, this week is Cupcake for a Cancer Cure week, with loads of bakeries around the nation donating funds raised from the selling of their cupcakes towards supporting kids affected by cancer.

At the same time Iron Cupcake Milwaukee decided to think pink with its challenge to support the breast cancer cause!

There were some amazing cupcake ideas, including a lemonade cupcake stand, which won best display.  The photo here, which was the Queen’s Choice winner created by Kate and Christina is a giant pink ribbon is decorated with lots of tiny mini cupcakes.  The cupcakes themselves were lemon cake with a raspberry filling, pink lemonade icing topped with a pink bra made from lemon shortbread.

Well done to all the winners and you can check out the full details and photos here.