Cupcake Oven Charm

By on September 22nd, 2010 . Filed under: Accessories, Jewelry .

Juicy Couture always has great cupcake related items.  This week I was looking at Bakerella’s blog and realized I was just a few days too late to enter her contest to win the Juicy Couture Cupcake Oven Charm.  I figured I would still share it with our readers since it can be purchased from the Juicy Couture website for $58.00.  Although the charm it tiny, only 1 5/8in X 1in in size, it contains a great amount of detail including “bake me some couture” written on the back.

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3 Responses to Cupcake Oven Charm

  1. Maria

    I saw this on Bakerella’s site too and showed it to my husband. I had entered for a chance to win it but turned out I didn’t have to because later that evening my husband came home with it for me (along with a starter bracelet). It’s a substantial charm, a bit heavy but everyone that knows me knows that having a heavy “oven” dangling from my tiny wrist is PERFECT. I love this charm.

  2. Melissa Semioli

    Maria, your husband ROCKS!!! I was in the department store the other day. I bought the cupcake necklace that Juicy just came out with and my husband just rolled his eyes at me.

    I do have the juicy charm bracelet but not this charm, it does seem a little heavy, but I’d still love it!

  3. Maria

    @Melissa….he so does! He said that he didn’t even notice any of the other charms because he was just hoping and praying that they’d have the little oven one. He was a man on a mission that day. It is a on the large and heavy side but my daughter told me just to wear that charm alone and change the charms on my bracelet so I wouldn’t have so much weight on my tiny wrist. And if you love the cupcake one you’re gonna love this one even more (no matter the size) the detail is just so dern cute!!!!!

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