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Feeling down about another blah Monday? Well, this colorful giveaway should cheer you up!  This week we are introducing you to fabulous Etsy crafter, Red Elm Designs. They specialize in unique handmade crayons. With over 100 different designs, it was hard for me to choose my favorites, but here are a few Fall ones you have to see:

Wouldn’t these be perfect party favors for your Halloween party?  In addition to these crayons, they also have many, many cupcake crayons to choose from.  This week Red Elm Designs is giving away 6 colorful cupcake crayons to one oh-so-lucky ATC fan! 

I personally own and love these little beauties too!  To enter this giveaway, go to Red Elm Designs and have a nice look around.  Then come back here to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us your favorite crayon and what type of crayon you think Red Elm should make next.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, September 27th.  Thanks Red Elm Designs for sponsoring this colorful giveaway!

Make sure to become a fan of Red Elm Designs on Facebook too!

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54 Responses to Cupcake Crayons Giveaway

  1. Tracy Schlereth

    I’d like to get some Dora the Explorer crayons. My daughter LOVES Dora, and is having a Dora birthday party. These would make great favors for her party!

  2. AmandaJ

    I love them all! But my favorites (besides the cupcakes!) were the tea cups and pots, and the airplanes.

  3. Tonya Stewart

    I love the Lego people crayons. I think next they should do Christmas theme crayons. Santa, snowmen, ornaments, snowflakes, reindeer, presants.

  4. Lori Tabor

    I agree with getting some holiday themed crayons, for all holidays not just Xmas! cupcakes ones are too cute!

  5. Danyelle

    The cupcakes are adorable but hands down I love the open heart boxes! My daughter loves pandas, so panda crayons would be cool & since I’m a Vegas girl, maybe some game chips:-)

  6. Sheree garcia

    I love the cupcakes way way too cute :) I think different types of fruits and veggies should be made… Oranges, corn, cherries, cucumbers! Tomatoes lol I could go on and on :)

  7. Maggie

    Love the cupcake ones and the teapot ones would have been great for the treat bags of the mad hatter tea party I just ran. Would love to see some donuts and hot dog ones! That would be perfect!

  8. Sherilyn

    So many nice ones! Loved the zoo crayons and the stars but I have to say the cupcakes are still my all time favs! The Halloween crayons inspired me to suggest veggie crayons, throw in those carrot crayons with broccoli and leeks and tomatoes etc. Also a fruit basket version of crayons would be neat too! Another way to make fruits and veggies fun!

  9. Stacy R

    I really love the cupcake ones. Not the flat ones, but the more 3D ones shown above. I also like the teapots and teacups, but I’d like to see more 3D teapots and teacups too. It would also be fun to see some donuts in the future. :)

  10. Sherilyn

    Shoot! I didn’t see someone else had already suggested fruit and veggie crayons! Great minds think alike… on that note, how about crayons in math shapes! Kids can do their math homework with math shapes and they can help them learn them!

  11. Doni

    I loved the star crayons. they are cute and an easy shape to hold with the finder grooves =) I think you should make butterflies or PIGS!

  12. ShootingStarsMag

    i really like the gum ball machines. too cute!! I think she should make some books in the future, if she hasn’t already…I don’t believe she has.

  13. Isa Domo

    i LOVE the robots and cupcakes most! Very cute idea for party favors or stocking stuffers. I think I would like to see more Christmas-y stuff like trees, presents, candles, children..i don’t know, something along those lines! <3

  14. Tori

    Okay,.. I love the Cupcake ones the most but,.. The gumball and lady bugs are my next favorite.
    I would love to see Hello kitty in the future! <3

  15. Lisa

    I personally loved the cupcakes the best !! I asked my 3year old daughter which she liked best since she’s the crayon fanatic, and she loves the tea pots because they look just like her princess tea set. She is already asking me to buy some to give to her little friends when they come over for playdates.
    I would love to see LEGO building blocks … kids could build with them then use them to color.

  16. Leslie

    I love the cupcake ones of course, but other than that I love the tractor ones. I love seeing things are different and with living on a farm they would be perfect for my little once since she loves riding on tractors. She also loves riding on lawn mowers, so I would love to see some lawn mower crayons.

  17. Patricia Maldonado

    my favorite of course are the 3D Cuppy Cakes! Love them …I didnt see but maybe 1 Train! I would like to see a whole line of different types of Trains. Diesels’ , Steamies, Caboose’s, Oil Cars, Tank cars, etc. My Boys would love those!

  18. Michelle Stone

    I love the cupcakes most. But I would have to say the little airplanes would be my next favorite. (My 9 year old son loves airplanes, and I must say I have never seen an airplane crayon! Very cool!) I would like to see some “Yo Gabba Gabba” character crayons. A red “Muno,” a yellow “Plex, a green “Brobee,” a blue “Toodee,” a pink “Foofa,” an orange “DJ Lance.” I am having a “Yo Gabba Gabba” second birthday party for my little girl at the end of October and those would be great favors!

  19. Lauren

    These are crazycakes! Love the dino ones the mostest. I want to see Canada crayons – maple leaves, moose, mounties!

  20. DENISE

    I love the cupcakes and the lady bugs!!! I would like to see some princess crowns and maybe some ice cream cones!!!!! super cute!!!

  21. alicia

    My favorite are the 3d cupcakes. It has hard to chose. I would say candy ones like lollipops would be super cute

  22. kim

    I love the cupcakes! I give them to the kids in my class for their birthdays:)

  23. Jessica

    The cupcakes are definitely my favorite and maybe trying the crayons in the shape of all types of desserts would be cute.

  24. Sherry

    I loved any of the cupcake shaped ones! Maybe they could make ingredients into cupcakes too. Like sticks of butter or eggs?

  25. Beckster

    Soooo cute. LOVE the cupcake of course. My son would flip for the lego men. He collects them. I would love to see Star Wars crayons, that would be so cool.

  26. Tanya

    I love the cupcake crayons so cute. I also adore the little teapot ones. I’d like to see her make crayons with different dog breeds,that would be really cool

  27. Lindsey

    Well they are all just too cute! I loveee the Cupcakes my 4 yr old son would love the tractors! I think Alphabet shaped crayons would be awesome!!

  28. Linda Abbott

    Absolutely I love the 3D Cupcake with two colours, but I would love to see various tool shaped ones and I think that jelly baby ones would be adorable!! Oh and mii computers would be ace!

  29. Rebekah Harms

    I really liked the cupcake and party crayons. I’d really like to see holiday themed crayons (i.e., Hannukkah, Christmas, Valentines, etc.) or seasonal (fall, winter, spring, summer).

  30. Jewels

    OH MY GOOSE! The cupcake crayons are my favorite! I like the stars too!! I think a set of bones would be pretty awesome forboth halloween or anatomy classes!


  31. Amber E

    I love the ice cream cones! So cute! I would love to see them make skulls and crossbones or other Halloween type things!

  32. Victoria E

    I really love either the cupcake crayons or the ice cream cone ones. I’d like to see some army men with tanks, yellow ribbons, etc. to support the troops & their families. Kids would probably love coloring with something that represents their mom or dad while they’re away.

  33. Crystal D

    I just adored all of them but I really loved the LEGO people! How cute are they! I liked to see some Day of the Dead skull crayons. As well as some leaves for the fall, snowflakes, candy canes, Xmas trees, and nutcracker soldiers.

  34. Candace R

    love the cupcake shaped as well as the pumpkin ones! heck, all of them are too cute! :) maybe they should make christmas trees? I didn’t see any….

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  36. Kupkakeinator

    The tea party set is fantastic! I may have to put those on my Christmas list.


  37. adrian

    Party set—-that is a perfect add-on for a present. How about something retro for the adults? Underdog?
    Superheroes? Scooby Doo?

  38. Cheryl

    So cute!! My 4-year-old grandson thinks the cupcake crayons are “cool”. He’s so funny! But when he saw ALL the different crayon shapes and sizes, all he could say was “wowwwwwwwwwww” in this quietly amazed little voice. I guess that says it all!

  39. Emilie

    I like the dinosaur crayons but, the cupcakes are my favorite! I think you should make a dessert themed set or mustaches and beards. :D

  40. Adele Crozier

    I love the cupcake ones, I have been looking for some of these for my son to try out

  41. Alyssa Esposito

    I love the butterflies. I love all things butterflies, they are so pretty. When I was waiting for a new heart in the hospital my whole room was decorated with hearts and butterflies. Although I was 19 at the time, I always loved to color to keep myself busy. I received my new heart May 2009.
    I would love to see some heart shaped ones. I am also a big Yankee fan. So maybe a baseball themed set.

  42. Lindsay

    How sweet are these? So precious!! I’m definitely going to have to purchase some of these for my daughters birthday party… She will <3 love them! As far as what you should try next… maybe lollipops and popsicles? Or different types of fruits? Like cherries and watermelons? My fave! :o)

  43. Camila F.

    Of course the cupcake crayons are my favorite! So adorable! I love the sweet butterflies too. I think they should try next a candy corn crayon, that would be awesome!

  44. Melaie T

    I would really love to get the butterfly crayons! I think Red Elm Designs should try making vintage crayons- apples, flowers! I would totally buy them!

  45. MyKoko

    WOW! What a great idea to recycle cranyons. I love the colorful cupcakes. So cute.

  46. kimberly

    Oh my goodness! I have 4 daughters that loved all the crayons! The cupcakes are favoriteas well as the pooh and mickey characters!! Soooo cute!!!we love them!!

  47. Kerisa

    I LOVE the cupcake crayons! I think you should make donut crayons next!!! :)

  48. Becki M.

    Obviously I like the cupcake crayons, I also like the flip flop ones, the tractor ones are right up my son’s alley! It would be really cool if you could make military themes. My son’s dad is in the Navy and just left for deployment, we try to talk about daddy’s job as often as we can, my son is 3, so crayons would be a great opportunity to talk about daddy being away, as well as draw him a picture! :)

  49. Priya

    I liek the Butterfly Shaped crayons..

  50. Rockerjewlz

    Wow! ANY cupcake item by Red Elm is good for me!

  51. domestic diva

    I like the Recycled Crayons Transportation Shaped Crayons Total of 12. So cool! I’d love to see forest animals.

  52. kari

    I like the zoo animals.

    I’d like to see a set of body parts (ears, noses, eyes, etc.).

  53. stephanie

    I love all of her creations! I just order train crayons for my son’s first birthday party next month and I don’t think I can wait to see if I win the cupcake giveaway. I just order some cupcake ones, myself, just in case, lol.

    My favorite are the train and cupcake ones, both!

    If I had any recommendations I would have to say it woudl be cool to have little halloween shaped ones like ghosts, black cats, etc. Or some for thanksgiving like pumpkins, leaves, turkeys, pie shapes, etc.

  54. stephanie

    and my email is:


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