Tulip Baking Cups

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Have you used these?

I’ve been reading around and everyone that has used them says they are really good and make the cupcakes look fantastic, then I stumbled across this post on the Simply Caked Blog.  I love the combination of pink and brown they look stunning.

Apparently the cups also come in Red and White and I found a great image of Banana Bread baked in white tulip cups on An Art Nest.

So where can you get them?  I can’t find them here in Australia yet, but in the US you can get them from Simply Caked by clicking here.  But best of all, as a new ATC Sponsor, Simply Caked has decided to create a special discount for ATC Readers!  15% off your total order!

They are a new store so are constantly expanding their range!  To get your 15% off, you will need to type the secret code in the coupon field at checkout.  Lean in close and I’ll whisper it to you… ATC15

So let us know what you think of them? and shhh secret squirrel on the code ;)

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8 Responses to Tulip Baking Cups

  1. Melissa Semioli

    they look cute, but I think they “hide” the cupcake!

  2. Jacqueline

    I use these when I make my tres leches cupcakes. They are perfect at holding a really heavy cupcake. When you open it up, it makes a perfect “plate” for the cupcake when you have to eat it with a fork.

  3. Kelly

    I love these..for those of us that don’t have the perfect piping skills, they sure do make an impression! These are the perfect accessory to any cupcake!

  4. Janelle

    melissa i agree with you, they are not ‘cupcake’ cases to me…
    but i ADORE them and think they are great for muffins without the icing… and in the USA you can get them in every colour… i think i saw it on etsy… or maybe a bakers site. v-cool.

  5. Janelle

    all things cupcake.. of course you like pink and brown!! they are your blog colours. :))))

  6. Mary Deatherage

    I am looking for the brown tulip baking cups in the muffin size (base 2-1/2″). Do you have these? If so, do you have the brown with gold design? Thank you, Mary

  7. Mary Deatherage

    I am looking for the tulip baking cups in the muffin size. A base of about 2-1/2″. Brown (and preferably brown with gold design). Do you have these? I need them for a customer asap. Thank you, Mary

  8. Ana

    Hi! Would you happen to have any DIY instructions on how to make these tulip baking cups instead?

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