Cameras and Cupcakes

By on September 14th, 2010 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Being the freelance photographer that I am and a cupcake freakĀ  as well, you can only imagine my excitement when I found these —

Fuzzy Cupcake Camera Strap

Swanky Cupcake Camera Strap

I found these lovely lil’ gems at Swanky Camera Couture’s Etsy Shop. They carry many different patterns of camera straps.

This is like heaven for me, Cameras and Cupcakes! The photography and Cupcake Gods have been looking out for me.

What are your other passions besides cupcakes?

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3 Responses to Cameras and Cupcakes

  1. Rita Reyes

    Congratulations on making one of the top food blogs!

    Gourmet Cupcake

  2. Katelyn

    Thank you for the fun review! What a fun surprise! If you contract me on my etsy page I would love to give you 50% off the camera strap of your choice. :o)

    Thanks so much!


    owner of
    & — tutus, photo props.

    ps. i LOVE your blog.

  3. Wedding Photography Naples

    This is sooo cool

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