Cupcake Costumes for Halloween

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My wonderful sister-in-law, Holly, called my this week to excitedly tell me about this new adult cupcake costume she found in Costume Express.  How awesome is this at only $46.99?!  I think it’s more of a sexy cupcake costume  and you might need to wear a little something underneath or you might reveal more than you planned!


   They also had a child’s version for $34.99.  Both are brand new and aren’t available until September 22nd.   

I also found this adorable cupcake candy bag and costume from Pottery Barn.  The costume is $59 and the matching bag is only $14.  So stinkin’ cute!

So what are your sweet (or spooky!) costume plans this year?

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3 Responses to Cupcake Costumes for Halloween

  1. Ali

    you can get that first costume for 17 dollars at wal mart

  2. Kate

    Just bought the first one at walmart! only $19!

  3. Carrie Anne

    I also got the first costume at Wal-Mart. I ordered it online; I believe it was $22, with shipping costs. The Wal-Mart version doesn’t come with the hat (at least not online), but that’s totally fine with me as I don’t even really like it, and, of course, it really doesn’t look much like the pictured product! I think it’ still really adorable & I cannot wait to wear it, but it is nowhere near as full or “frosting” covered as it is in the picture. (I have plans to buy more tulle and add my own touches) I wouldn’t say it’s “sexy”, especially not in comparison to some of the costumes I’ve seen on this website, but, at 5’10”, I will definitely need to to wear leggings or something underneath!

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