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Yesterday Applecupcake introduced you to Diva Entertains, an online store specializing in favors for all types of parties. Today we are hosting a giveaway for this fantastic site.  Check out what you can win!

 Diva Entertains is giving away 3 adorable faux cupcakes (with photo wire or without) to 3 lucky winners!

 So how do you enter this giveaway?  Just go to Diva Entertains and pick your favorite cupcake item.  Click on the comment area below and tell us about it and also tell us what kind of non-cupcake favor you’d like to see on their site.  Three winners will be chosen on September 13th.  Good luck cupcake fans!

Diva Entertains

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38 Responses to Diva Entertains Giveaway

  1. Dawn Williams

    Cupcake Candles – Real Sized!
    SKU #: 210-C. I think this are sooo cute and would love to have a couple for my kitchen/craft room.

  2. Dawn Williams

    Cupcake Favor Box
    SKU #: 207-C. I also love this favor boxes. What a wonderful idea for a cupcake shop to have, or even for a birthday party. They have such great items, it is hard to pick just one.

  3. Tracy schlereth

    SKU #: 207-C. Love the cupcake favor boxes!
    Would love to see some cakepop favors too!

  4. Alyssa

    Gotta love the cupcake socks!


    I love the ZEBRA CUPCAKE WITH THE CHERRY ON TOP!!! soooo cute. I would like to see her add some halloween favors. Maybe even halloween cupcake favors!!!

  6. april c

    Zebra cupcake! Too cute!

  7. adrian

    I love the cupcake party bags. I have never seen anything like them before,

  8. Kathryn

    I like the cupcake candles and also the cupcake socks……perfect since the winter is coming soon!

  9. Bekka

    wow! those cupcake boxes are amazing! love them!!
    other cool favors i didn’t see on their site are little themed note pads – love having fun paper to jot notes down on

  10. Heather B.

    The Cupcake Favor Boxes are so cute!! Cupcake toppers for Halloween would be CUTE!

  11. Beth S.

    I love the cupcake lip gloss…the smell of cupcakes, but not the calories!!!
    I would like to see Fall items on the website.

  12. Lindsey

    I love the pink zebra cupcakes! Thanks!

  13. Heather S

    I adore the Zebra Cupcakes Favor!
    I would love to see neapolitan cupcake!

  14. Lacey

    I love the cupcake lipgloss favors! Adorable and perfect my little girls cupcake-themed birthday party next year.

    I wanna win!!!

  15. Lena

    Oooh, a pretty little cupcake tea towel would be fun! Iove the placecard holders–they look so yummy!

  16. Cera

    I love the cupcake shaped favor box! Too cute!

  17. Alicia

    It’s hard to pick just one.. I would say I love the cupcake candles because it would be so cool to put in my cupcake themed kitchen. As far as non cupcake favors I’d like to see stars of some sort.

  18. David

    My wife would love the cupcake bookmark because it’s two of her favorite things in one. I think winter things would be great

  19. Lise'

    The pink zebra cupcake is the bomb! How about some type of gingerbread man themed cupcake for a new idea?

  20. Natalia Gonzalez

    I like the zebra cupcake favor

  21. Micki

    My fave cupcake item are the GRIPPY SOCKS.
    The item I would most like to see in the shop is a peace sign cupcake!

  22. Wendy

    My favorite cupcake item is the cupcake candle favors, and i’d love to see some Halloween themed things since its coming up soon! :]

  23. ScooterChick

    I like the cupcake place card holders and the pink individual cupcake boxes. They’d be great additions to Bake for Hope’s annual nationwide bake sale!

  24. RockerJewlz

    I like the cupcake soap and candle favors the best….but not by much because all the items are wonderful.

  25. Cindy

    I just love the cupcake place card holders. they are so cute. would be a great addition to my tea party tables that I do.

    I think I am going to be ordering a bunch of things…


  26. Jessica C.

    My favorite is the Cupcake Lip Gloss Favors, I think it is so cute to giveaway! I also think they should include incense for favors, because it is something everyone could use and smells good.


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  28. Amber

    I’m crazy about the card holders and the cupcake towels favors! Incredibly cute! I would love to see other cute card holders like fruits (lemons, cherries, watermelons) and pies and other adorable foods!

  29. Tanya

    I love the cupcake soap favors, they are adorable. I would love to see baby shower favors such as bootie bouquets

  30. Jessica

    I love the cupcake socks and book marks. Also I think it would be fun to do other desserts as favors.

  31. Mariah

    I love the cupcake placecard holders (SKU #: 602-PCH)! They are adorable, and so realistic!

    And in non-cupcake favors, I’d like to see house-warming favors, or maybe microwaveable mugs–I’m a fan of function as well as decoration!

  32. sara

    Zebra is awesome. Cool contest!

  33. Snooky

    I really like the Zebra cupcake..I thought it was the coolest.

  34. Ali

    I love the zebra cupcakes. I love to see seasonal items like christmas

  35. Alicia

    I really like the cupcake bookmarks! So cute to have a little cupcake sitting on top of your book. :) I dont really know what non cupcake items you could add since cupcakes are my favorite and it seems like you already have everything. Love your website! Everything is SO cute!

  36. Rehanna

    The cupcake gift bags are adorable; plus, they’re reusable! Stylish AND eco-friendly!
    I would love to see some candy-colored jewelry to use as sweet favors as well! Or even candy-cane themed favors for the holidays, that’s my favorite time of the year!

    That is one beautiful site…thanks for sharing, ATC!

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  38. ashley

    the zebra cupcake placecard holders. there should be like, a punk type cupcake placecard holder. like with a skull and crossbones or something!

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