Sweet Cupcake Shopper (Bag) at BlueQ by 64 Colors

By on August 27th, 2010 . Filed under: Accessories, Artwork .

Applecupcake gets the credit for introducing the design collective 64 Colors to ATC earlier this summer with her post about the group’s custom-painted Cupcake Dunny.  So this is part follow-up, part realization that I own something designed by them.

The Blue Q Sweet Cupcake Shopper is equal parts adorable and useful.  It’s got plenty of space and good strap length, and is a step above most reusable shopping bags in stylish cuteness and sturdiness (woven polypropylene is tough stuff!).  Two more important Sweet Cupcake Shopper attributes: you can own one without having to tackle anyone for it, and it’s only $12.

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1 Response to Sweet Cupcake Shopper (Bag) at BlueQ by 64 Colors

  1. My Life in Purple

    I HAVE THIS BAG! I love love love it :)

    The BF brought it home for me one day and I lug all my work stuff back and forth in it. It’s perfect.

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