Quilted Cupcake

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Next time you want to do some online shopping, you might want to check out Quilted Cupcake.  I’ve just spent well over an hour (when I was supposed to be working) browsing through her websites, and she has some really cool items, many of them cupcake related or inspired.  Visit her blog here.  You can download her podcasts here.  And you can shop from her Etsy store here.  Her stuff is so cool, but what really amazes me is her prices!  Tres reasonable!

Cupcake notebook holder
Cupcake LoveQuilted Cupcake poster

I borrowed all of these photographs from Quilted Cupcakes Flickr photostream!

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  1. Jean @ Quilted Cupcake

    Thanks so much for the shout-out – You rock! I do so love cupcakes, and will happily do custom orders.

  2. Lawrence Gonzalez

    I’ll create a hyperlink to this web page upon my personal website.

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