Masterchef Cupcakes!

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Tonight’s episode of Fox’s Masterchef  featured a cupcake challenge!  But the contestants didn’t know that, at least not at first.  These home cooks are not necessarily bakers, but tonight, when they stepped up to their table, each of them found a mystery box full of mystery ingredients.

And when they lifted the boxes, guess what they found!  Cupcake ingredients!  They were given 45 minutes to bake a cupcake from scratch, without recipes or a chance to research.  There certainly wasn’t time for a little trial and error, which happens to be my speciality.  One of the finalists claimed he had never even made a cupcake before!  Yet they all gave it the old college try.  I couldn’t believe they did it in such little time.  I know from experience how difficult it is to decorate a piping hot cupcake!

My favorite did indeed become a finalist:  A gorgeous coconut cupcake with lemon glaze.  I could almost smell it through the television.  It was so delicious looking.  Chef Gordon Ramsay called it a “smart cupcake.”

But the winner was … a hazelnut and pistachio cupcake.  Yum!  The third finalist looked pretty yummy in its own right:  chocolate lover’s delight!

How did the judges decide?  First they based their decision on the appearance of the cupcake.  They then cut the cupcake open to test the “ease with which the knife slid through the cupcake.”  And lastly, of course, they tasted the cupcakes.  But they only tasted the ones that they deemed aesthetically worthy, just as many of us do when we head into our favorite cupcakeries!

You can view a clip of the episode here:  FOX!

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