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It’s giveaway time again cupcake fans!  This week our giveaway is sponsored by Etsy crafter, Miss Kitty Creations.  She specializes in scented (yes, scented!) cupcake charms.   She also has a full line of cupcake charms on her full website.   I own one of her Blended Fruit Explosion Cupcakes and I adore it.   These charms can be used as a pendant, cell phone charm or zipper pull.   I have some experience working with polymer clay and can say that Miss Kitty truly is an artist.  Here are some of my favorites:

  Scented Cupcake CharmsFruit Scented Cupcake Jewelry

This week, Miss Kitty Creations is giving away a cupcake charm to one lucky fan.   First, visit Miss Kitty’s Etsy shop or her main website.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Leave a comment telling  us what cupcake you would like to win and what flavor cupcake you think Miss Kitty should make next.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, August 30.  Thanks Miss Kitty for sponsoring this purrrfect giveaway!

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86 Responses to A Charming Giveaway

  1. Lise'

    I think her next scent should be chocolate with cherry scented frosting and sprinkles. I would like to win any of her items. They are all super-cute! Nice work, Miss Kitty!

  2. meeyeehere

    I like the rainbow sprinkles!!! The next should be Italian Cream!!! Or maybe a pie like apple pie!!!

  3. Heather

    I want orange dreamsicle!

    The next flavor she should make is pink lemonade!

  4. Sherry

    I think the next one should be coffee for sure!
    I would chose rainbow sprinkle vanilla scented ones!

  5. Deborah

    I would LOVE to win the Rainbow Sprinkles charm! And I suggest that she do a Mocha-Truffle charm next! Thanks!

  6. Krystal

    I like the chocolate rainbow sprinkles cupcake.
    My fav cupcake is toasted coconut :)

  7. Cindy

    Love the Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkles charm! Carrot cake would be an awesome flavor :)

  8. Laura

    If I could win any cupcake I would definitly choose the Orange Dreamsicle charm. Citrus scents are great and it is one of the most unique compared to chocolate, strawberry, etc. A scent I think she should add would be a cute pink cotton candy cupcake :) Yummy!!

  9. Stacy R

    I love the Sweetheart Rose scented cupcakes! I think the next one that she should make is a chocolate espresso cupcake scented cupcake charm. They are so cute!

  10. Lindsey

    I LOVE the Rainbow sprinkles with chocolate base one!! I would love to see a smores type cupcake one scented marshmallow!

  11. Lina

    Those are so precious! And so realistic too! I’d probably go for a custom-made one. There’s one pictured there with white frosting and little tiny pearl “sprinkles” that looks lovely.

  12. Niki

    I love the Red Velvet one, how do you pick? They are all amazing! I would love to see a purple one, maybe berry-vanilla scented! :-)

  13. Kristi Z

    I want the Kiwi Strawberry Cupcake :) her next cupcake should be a chocolate peanut butter cupcake!

  14. Alicia S

    I’d want Breast Cancer Awareness Stawberry Scented Cupcake Necklace Charm. I think it’s cool how you can intertwine a cause with a cupcake. Neat idea.

    I think the next one should be Lemonade with a yellow ribbon for troops.

  15. Karla H

    I would love a customizable cupcake: chocolate, vanilla frosting, sugar crystals,dark pink & silver sprinkles. I would love to see her next flavor be Oreo! Congrats they are all so adorable!

  16. Brenda

    I would love to win the rainbow sprinkles cupcake!

    The next cupcake she should offer is chocolate peanut butter. My absolute favorite flavor and scent combination!.

  17. Susan Krauss

    I would be so happy to win the Rainbow sprinkles cupcake with strawberry base! My idea for a new scent/cupcake design is Cinnamon Bun with a mini bun on top!

  18. Jessica

    I love the rainbow sprinkles cupcakes with no cherries :). I think a chocolate cupcake w peanut butter frosting and a mini pbcup on top. Would be so cute!

  19. kathi

    those are SO sweet! i love all the rainbow sprinkle ones.. and how cute is the birthday cake slice!?

    i like the idea of chocolate peanut butter for the next flavor :D

  20. Christine Jones

    I would love to win the pink cupcake with sprinkles!
    What wonderful websites!

  21. DENISE

    If I were to win I would like the sprinkles cupcake. I think the next flavor/scent should be chocolate with sweet buttercream frosting and a cherry on top!!!

  22. Breanna!

    I want to win the rainbow sprinkle one or the apple cinnamon one! YUM! =] They are all amazing and so intricate. She has an amzing talent! I think her next scent should be like a cheescake and strawberries, or blueberries! I love cupcakes yay haha

  23. Melissa

    I love the rainbow sprinkles one! It is so cute!!

    I think the next flavor should be almond! or cheesecake!! It’s hard to decide. They are all so cute!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  24. Kathryn

    I would love to win the Rainbow Sprinkles cupcake charm for my little girl. She loves cupcakes just like her mommy! A carrot cake cupcake would be soooooo cute for you to make next!

  25. Victoria Elaine

    I’d like a chocolate rainbow sprinkles cupcaje!

    I think Miss Kitty’s next flavor should be pumpkin with cream cheese and cinnamon frosting in light of the upcoming Fall season!!

  26. Victoria Elaine

    I just realized my comment said cupcaje instead of cupcake!! LOL. Those charms look so delicious, I got distracted & couldn’t type right!!

  27. Vanessa Talamantes

    How adorable! I would love the rainbow sprinkles cupcakes! Aw, they are so cute. I believe her next scent should be something with lavender.

  28. Monica

    I love the rainbow sprinkles cupcake with the strawberry cake and cherry. What an adorable idea!

    I think a banana cream cupcake with meringue icing would be an excellent scent to do next!

  29. kiki

    I love the fruit explosions and red velvet charms, and her daisy chain bracelets are too cute! She is so talented!

  30. Sarah

    I love the pink cake with strawberries on top! The next one should be a choco peanut butter cupcake! Choco cake with peanut butter icing

  31. Lucky's Luna

    I would love to have Orange Dreamsicle Scented Cupcake Necklace Pendant or Charm and I think she should make a coffee/mocha scented cupcake.


  32. Valerie h

    I would like to win rainbow sprinkles and would like a mango or watermelon twist as a scent

  33. Kim

    Those are the cutest things EVER, on top of being scented. CLEVER! Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake. Oh! That’s it the next one should be Strawberry Shortcake cupcake!! Out of the choices I would choose Apple & Cinn. I love the little apple on top. Cute

  34. Mollie

    I’m dying from all the cute! My favorite is the red velvet cupcake. I think her next scent should be caramel latte.

  35. Tiffany House

    i absolutely love the rainbow sprinkles! they are so adorable! i think her next scent should be banana, peanut butter and chocolate!

  36. Andrea

    The Rainbow Sprinkles Scented Cupcakes are adorable! I think she should make a Rainbow Cupcake! That would be super cute :)

  37. Michele P.

    I like the scented fruit flan tart with bananas and strawberries for myself, and the rainbow sprinkles cupcake for my daughter. I think a cherry scented cupcake with buttercream frosting and a maraschino cherry on top would be neat!

  38. sara


    you should make a halloween one!

  39. shonda

    Red Velvet scented is my favorite.

    Next scent? Chocolate peanut butter cup…or something along those lines. Mmmm!

  40. Adriana

    OMG so cute!
    rainbow sprinkles all the way!
    how about a raspberry one?

  41. crazy bunny lady

    I would *LOVE* one of the rainbow sprinkle cupcakes in the strawberry scent (If I don’t win, I am definitely buying one!).
    I think Miss Kitty should make a s’more scented cupcake next. Or pumpkin pie.

  42. Alyssa

    I like the rainbow sprinkles cupcake charm best! Especially the one that looks like it has vanilla cake!

    Miss Kitty should make a Carrot Cake scented charm next!

  43. sritacaramelo

    I’d love one of these ones with a strawberry base <3 http://www.etsy.com/listing/50093493/rainbow-sprinkles-classic-scented

  44. Alicia Donahue

    I’d want the Apples & Cinnamon Scented Cupcake
    and i think a carmel fudge one would be cool

  45. Emily Lynn

    I love the strawberry cupcake with vanilla icing and pearl sprinkles! I think she should do a coconut scented cupcake next!

  46. Tanya

    I would love to win the Rainbow Sprinkles Classic Scented Cupcake :) I think that she should make a mocha scented cupcake with vanilla sprinkles

  47. Alyssa Davis

    I absolutely love the rainbow sprinkles cupcake!!! Personally they are my fav! and would love to have a cupcake charm! I think the next scented one she should make would have to be strawberry margarita! that is one of my other favs and always has been a big hit for me!

  48. Pam

    I would LOVE the Apple Cinnamon Scented cupcake and think her next flavor should be a chocolate vanilla scented cupcake :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. sue

    I would love one of the rainbow sprinkle ones! I would love to see an actual birthday cupcake, with a little candle maybe and a name on it.

  50. Angela S

    I would love to own the orange dreamsicle scented cupcake! I am sure it smells great! I think a pumpkin scented cupcake charm would be great for autumn!

  51. Jessica B.

    i like the fruit explosion with the banana and blueberry and maybe she could try a confetti or lemon cake.

  52. Alana Jo

    I would like to have the red velvet cupcake charm and I think she should make a butter pecan scented one, because I LOVE butter pecan.

  53. Heather @ Sweet Sins 2 Share

    I just love the rainbow sprinkles cupcake with a chocolate bottom! I need one of those! I can’t get over that they are sented. I would have to agree with a mocha cupcake, I love the idea of a apple pie or peach pie with the basket weave on top and another idea is maybe a pineapple upside down cake or cupcake!

  54. Julianne

    i love the rainbow sprinkles with the chocolate or strawberry base. a chocolate cupcake with shredded coconut on top and coconut scented would be adorable! ooh, or one with peanut butter frosting!

  55. SugarDotties

    It’s so hard to pick just one but I do love the rainbow sprinkles one… classic and remind me of my tattoo! :) Awesome work to the “chef”! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next… so many choices.

  56. Amber

    I love the classic rainbow sprinkles! She does some amazing work, I could almost gobble them up! I also love the little piece of cake, waaay adorable! I would love to see her make dark chocolate raspberry, one of my favorite things ever! Or peanut butter chocolate or maybe even something wild like the whole chocolate/bacon rave that is so yummy!

  57. Rockerjewlz

    I would pick a customizable cupcake with chocolate cake, strawberry icing and a cherry on top!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Rockerjewlz

    oops…I forgot to add that I would suggest blackberry as a new “flavor”.

  59. Brittany

    The rainbow sprinkles charm with strawberry base is adorable :) and I think that maple would be an amazing flavor (topped with a tiny maple leaf of course)

  60. Angie

    I would love to have the chocolate rainbow sprinkle one with a cherry on top! Maybe the next flavor could be a chocolate coconut.

  61. Mia

    I adore the Red Velvet charm!

    Miss Kitty should do a vanilla buttercream scent :)

  62. Ashley

    They are all so beautifully made but I think the pink breast cancer awareness cupcake is the best. It’s adorable, smells like strawberry, *and* she gives part of the proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Association? That’s so amazing.

    For a new cupcake (and matching scent) I think cherry coke cupcake would be super neat!

  63. Susan

    Simply adorable! I would love to win the Red Velvet charm, since Red Velvet is by far my most favorite cake/cupcake. I would like to see a wedding cake charm, either cupcake or wedding cake shaped. I would suggest Vanilla-almond flavored cake, with a buttercream icing.

  64. Ali

    my favorite is the rainbow sprinkles one…
    I think they should have mint chocolate would be good

  65. Carlee E.

    I would LOVE her Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcake! And I think a Swirled Icing Smores cupcake would adorable and smell fantastic! (I love the cake charms, btw! adorable.)

  66. April C.

    I love the customizable ones. I’d pick Vanilla with Strawberry icing. Sugar Crystal topping and silver sprinkle. So good. Next, I’d love to see a cookies and cream cake OR lemon meringue!!!

  67. thepricklypinecone

    I adore the vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing and silver sprinkles!

  68. Esmarlin Reyes

    I LOVE all ur creations…any I would be happy to receive… The next flavor should be vanilla scented marshmellow frosting with rainbow cake

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  70. Wani

    I kind of dig the sprinkles cupcake charm! Super cute! I think that ‘smores cupcake would be a fun flavor! ;-)

  71. Tina Kirby

    I love the Scented Sweetheart Rose Cupcake!!! Would love love love to win that!!
    I think the next scent should be a smores cupcakes.mmmmmm!

  72. christine

    Rainbow Sprinkles Classic Scented Cupcake and the new scent should be cherry cheesecake with a cherry on top!

  73. kristen

    I greatly like the pink sprinkles cupcake.

    And I wholeheartedly endorse a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and a tiny pb-cup on top.

  74. Isa Domo

    I fell in love with the RAINBOW SPRINKLE classic cupcake charm! It is perfect! The people behind me thought I was looking at real cupcakes! I’d love to see a rainbow swirl or neopolitan frosting cupcake…that would make my day!<3

  75. debi

    they are all sooo adorable!!! i would probably go with a custom design. say, chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, and the silver and pink sprinkles. hmmm…. a new flavor? champagne and strawberry or mimosa.

  76. Melissa Semioli

    I would love to win the red velvet or one of the fruit explosion cupcake charms! Her next flavor should be caramel drizzled over chocolate frosting.

  77. Tina C

    I luv the choc. With vanilla & sprinkles! Her next should be a blueberry cobbler w/cinnamon!

  78. Julie

    I would love a customized chocolate cupcake, light pink icing, dark pink and silver sprinkles. The next scent should be chocolate and peanut butter- my fave!!

  79. Becki M.

    These are adorable!!! I would love the apple cinnamon cupcake, my cupcake tattoo I swapped out the normal cherry for an apple slice, since I bake cupcakes and collect apples! I think the next scent should be strawberry lemonade, a little lemon and strawberry on top, too cute!

  80. Lindsey

    I love the Rainbow Sprinkles Classic Scented Cupcake Necklace Charm. I would really like to see the next scent be a mixture of pineapple and coconut!!!

  81. Lena

    I like the red velvet and the apples and cinnamon! But a pumpkin cupcake would be amazing!

  82. Amber W

    I really like the rainbow sprinkle cupcake. Also the new b-day cake charm is cute also.

  83. onerockinmomma

    No Way! These are the cutest cupcake charms ever! I would be honored to win the chocolate sprinkles cupcake charm, so darn CUTt. For a new flavor I think an “Elvis” inspired cupcake would be a HUGE hit. Peanut butter cake w/ Banana frosting.

    Cheers to Miss Kitty for having such a sweet talent.

  84. David

    I would like to win the red velvet one because that was suppose to be the cake at my wedding. I would give it to my wife who loves cupcakes.

    The kind I would think they should have next time is a strawberry chocolate one.

  85. Kristina W.

    So freakin’ cute! I love the apples and cinnamon cupcake charm. I wouldn’t mind seeing a chocolate raspberry one!

  86. DogsMom

    Apple Cinnamon cupcake is cute.
    Next scent? Strawberry Rhubarb!
    Or anything with peanut butter.

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