ATC Review: Laptop Lunches

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Laptop Lunches are practical food containers that aim to promote better nutrition and waste reduction.  I was pleasantly surprised when the sample laptop lunchbox arrived.  Inside the shipping was a purple lunch box, a user’s guide and two dividers.  Inside the lunch box are the bento 2.0 Bento Buddies which nicely divide the lunch box.  I particularly like the smallest Bento Buddy which is perfect for holding a serving of salad dressing.  I also liked that when you flipped the Bento Buddies over there was space for you to write your name.  This would be really helpful for parents who send their kids off to school and want to make sure they get all their containers back.

The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide states that it provides fresh ideas for making wholesome, earth-friendly lunches your kids will love. The user’s guide seems more like a mother’s go-to-guide for lunch ideas.  Not only does the guide provide creative lunch menus and recipes  its also filled with tips on how to feed picky eaters and reduce waste.  Topics such as childhood obesity, kids nutrition and using leftovers are also covered.

Included in the box was also a fork and spoon which are extremely nice quality.  The fork and spoon include the Laptop Lunches logo and a fun design on the back.  The bento divides that came the the sample are great.,  They are bright, bold colors and I absolutely love the fact that you can bake right in them.  Cupcake lovers will like these liners which would make adding cupcakes to a child’s lunch easy and exciting.

I also like that the lunchbox is very organized, with all the dividers in place there’s no room for food to shift around during transport, so your sandwich wont be squished by lunchtime.  And for picky eaters, with the laptop lunchbox, food does not touch. Even the silverware has it’s own separate slot! The lunchbox has a streamline appearance and is not too big or bulk which makes it great for fitting in a backpack or bag.  I think more exciting colors and designs for the outside of the box could be added to help compete with all the other lunch boxes out there. Also, Laptop lunches are not just for kids, my college aged sister took one look at the sample and said she wanted one.

It’s somewhat tricky to open the box, especially if you’re a little kid, but Laptop Lunches planned ahead and included directions. Overall it was a good product that seemed to meet high quality standards.
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