Picture 14

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5 Responses to Picture 14

  1. Wendy

    I soooo want the purples ones!!!

  2. Kelly

    I would wear the purple ones tooo…..

  3. Melissa

    how do i buy these??????????

  4. mandy

    were do i find these ;)ive been searchin only found 1 in size 5 grr.any1 have luck;)

  5. Mary Lynx

    Search them as “T.U.K. Sweet Life Cupcake Shoes”,which is the general range name.Top to bottom in the pic: 1) “T.U.K. A7717L” for the purple wedge ones (order 1 size smaller,very wide shoes), 2) “T.U.K. A7710L” for the flat pink ones (normal fit) & 3) “T.U.K. A7712L” for the black heels (don’t own it but I have other T.U.K. midi-heels and the fit is normal). Best of luck,not very new models,search a lot on eBay and rockabilly/punk stores.Xx

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