Little cupcake tattoos

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The idea for a cupcake tattoo may to some of you be a wild and fanciful idea that although tempting is too permanent to seriously consider.  Plus those big cupcakes that take up a whole shoulder may cause you concern, perhaps you do not want to be defined by your tattoo, but merely want to have a little piece of what is important to you close to you at all times.  If this is you, then maybe a smaller cupcake tattoo is more your style!
The smaller the tattoo the less detail you can capture, but you can still achieve something amazing as these two reader submissions clearly show.  The first one above is quite simply adorably cute.  The girly lashes and that fifties fringe curl are just so sweet.  And if you are looking to make it smaller skip the additional candy.

This is Sue’s tattoo and she used this site to find a design that she liked, she then adapted it into this irresistible cupcake.  Her tattoo was  created in Pont Credit Ontario.

The cupcake tattoo in the picture to the left is another idea at how to create a gorgeous little cupcake tattoo, that is both discreet and funky.  Danielle got her cupcake done because it reminded her of her mother’s name for her ‘cupcake’ but it has become more a symbol of where she has come from and gone too.  Danielle now has her own successful cupcake business which she runs from home.

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    Thanks for posting my cute little cuppy cake:)

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