50’s Cupcake Style

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From the 'Buctopia' blog

I was pondering 50’s style earlier today, looking at the dresses, the fantastic matched accessories (hats, gloves, bag, shoes) and then got to thinking, as is the progression, to cupcakes and wondering what I could find in the way of 50’s cupcakes!  Well that is 50’s memorabilia for cupcakes and baking as opposed to an actual 50’s cupcake!  Firstly I adore this little picture of a girl rolling pastry, she is adorable.  And I loved this old baking poster.

Then I found these classic images…

From C Dianne Zweig and World of Crap.  Love the old drawn pictures!  These make me feel like baking and sewing!

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6 Responses to 50’s Cupcake Style

  1. Gen Santanelli

    These are sweet!

  2. Lisa

    love the pic on the bottom left. so cute! 50s is my fav. era! love it!

  3. Emi

    I love the looks. Love the style and love the movies. But makes me thank God that we are not still in that era. I would NOT do well in that era. I am too much of a loud mouth. And do not take “orders” very well. ‘Specially not from my loving man!

  4. applecupcake

    Rofl Emi, I know what you mean! In our house we both are fighting to wear the pants.. :)

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