Wedding Cake vs Wedding Cupcake

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What do you think??

Do we need to keep it traditional and go cake over cupcake?  Are we messing with an age old tradition?  Do cupcakes really not have a place at this big event?

I ask the question, because Muskoee Phoenix has a story that suggests that when the author goes to a wedding she wants “to see two things”, that being “the bride’s gown, and a work of art, the wedding cake.”  She goes on to say that “they should not be served on the most important day of a woman’s life, next to having a baby.”

I’m sorry, but in my view it is your wedding and so therefore your choice!  Cake or cupcake, why not? and given some of the gorgeous cuppies around, you can certainly go glamorous with the little ones, like these gorgeous cupcakes from Ban Bakes – In Paris!  But what do you think?

Do you love cupcakes but think they don’t have a place at a wedding?

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12 Responses to Wedding Cake vs Wedding Cupcake

  1. Michelle

    I absolutely think cupcakes have a place at a wedding. It IS the brides choice. Why do you think cupcakes have become sooooo popular at weddings?! People love cupcakes! I am going to have a small cake on top of a cupcake tower….a lil mix of each! :)

  2. debbie walden

    I totally agree cupcakes belong at weddings…….. At any event! And idea bout cake at top of cupcake tower…….GREAT idea!

  3. Megan

    It’s not even in question whether I will have cupcakes at my wedding.. they can be so beautiful, classic and trendy all at the same time. I say cupcakes all the way if that is what the couple wants!

  4. Sandy

    I plan on having BOTH! I want to have a beautiful cake and then have it surrounded by cupcakes.

  5. Karen

    It’s always up to the Bride and Groom. It’s their day. If they(and/or their parents) are paying for the reception, they should have whatever they want. It’s not polite for guests going to any kind of party to complain about what is being served – why should a wedding reception be any different?

  6. applecupcake

    Glad I am not alone in my thinking!

  7. SugarDotties

    I love either for a wedding. I’ve done my fair share of both for weddings and the set up of cupcakes is alot easier lol

  8. Hope

    As long as they are delicious I can eat cake or cupcakes!

  9. T. Pinks!

    I beg to differ with whoever wrote that article. Carrie Underwood’s neighbor? I don’t care who she is. I had cupcakes at my own wedding and they were a work of art. Who wants to cut cake and make a huge mess? Who wants to designate another staff person OR family member to break their back and cut cake part of the night? This way, you have no need for forks, plates and more time for staff to clean up. Simple, elegant and my husband and I shard a bite out of our cupcake and froze it. Everyone complimented. Even the museum where I had our event wanted an order for another event. Cupcakes are on the rise. Nobody wants to pay a million dollars for a big unfrozen/dry cake with gross fondant all over it. I refused and didn’t. I was shocked when a bakery wanted as much as my wedding gown cost and I am in Iowa. It was too outrageous for me. I know fondant has come a long way, but I still am not a fan. Maybe wiping frosting off grandpa’s nose was a great conversation starter for the author of that article. Maybe it made his day? If the cupcakes were dry, they were old or not covered and she should have written an article about the bakery instead of damning all cupcakes. If the cake is super delicious, worth what you are paying for, fine. Have cake. OR some have a tiny cake and cupcakes. That is what you call having your cake and eating it too. The article was outright snobbish and clearly biased.

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  12. RML

    My opinion after comparing the cupcake wedding cake to a traditional wedding cake is that it certainly lacks class, and wedding pictures with a traditional cake, bride and groom are wonderful to look back at. That is not so with cupcakes, wich lack class and certainly do not solicit memories. Ha Ha just what I would want to do, peel a piece of paper off a cupcake at a wedding. Sometimes tradition is important.

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