Vermont Teddy Bear Company’s Cupcake Bear

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Small Bouquet of Bears

While vacationing with my family in Vermont a few weeks ago we visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  I was very delighted and surprised to see a cupcake bear in their gift shop.  Not only does it have a cute pink and yellow cupcake on it but it also has a vanilla cupcake smell!  They also had gumball, grape, beer (huh?)  and popcorn scented bears but the cupcake one caught my heart very quickly.  Online they have a bouquet of three bears for $69.95 but in if you live in the Burlington Vermont area, you can go to their store and buy just the cupcake one for $24.95.

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2 Responses to Vermont Teddy Bear Company’s Cupcake Bear

  1. Storm Tussey

    Great article. The beer one you mentioned is Rootbeer flavored.

  2. blah blah blah

    Cool! Does it come in a strawberry? And can they ship just one strawberry bear to my house for $35.95? (including shipping!)

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