Prima Stationary Cupcake Boxes

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Looking for a cute way to package your cupcakes?  Prima Stationary has several varieties of Cupcake/Favor Boxes to choose from for your packaging needs.  You have the option of choosing printed boxes, mini size, and regular size.  Each set includes 6 boxes, 6 pieces of flowers and 6 pieces of ribbon, labels and box bases.  The mini size box is  2″ x 2″ while the slightly larger regular size box is 3″ x 3″. The printed boxes, which are the same size as the regular boxes, feature images such as flowers, rabbits, argyle, polka dots, panda bears, and robots.

And be sure to look around the site, I also noticed a kid friendly cupcake stamp, a cute miniature spiral cupcake notebook, a cupcake card set for kids, or a bird topped cupcake greeting card!

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    I love these! They’re so pretty! I’ve been looking for something to package up single cupcakes for a friends bridal shower. They’re perfect!

  2. Heather

    ooooooh! lovely packaging!!

  3. Rockerjewlz


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