More Cupcake Tattoos!

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We just love it when our readers send in cool pictures.  Thank you!  As for the crown-bearing cupcake, DeDe writes:  

I’ve wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember, but my fear of needles and pain has prevented it for much of my life.  But my BFF finally just made me do it…and I’m so excited that I did.  I have a strange obsession with crowns and a deep love of cupcakes, so what better way to show them off than together?  Thanks to your site for the inspiration!


And thank you to Melanie for sharing her cool socks with us!  And what a great picture too! 

And Amy from Detroit writes of her tattoo:  I wanted to share my cupcake tattoo with you guys… and I only discovered your site after searching “cupcake tattoos” a while back when coming up with my idea.  I drew the tattoo, however the amazing artist really made it so much better.  It’s on my back.  I absolutely love Halloween and colorful innocent sweet things… if you couldn’t tell !!

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