Mini Cupcake Factory by ThinkGeek

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Mini Cupcake Factory by ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek, the purveyor of many things great and geeky, has recently gone into the business of selling geek food.  They started with canned bacon (seriously) and have now moved on to making mini cupcake factories available to geeks everywhere. The mini cupcake factory bakes seven tiny cupcakes in 5 minutes.  According to the website, any storebought or scratch-made cake mix will do and tiny paper cups are optional.

The one con I can think of for a mini cupcake factory is that if you’re into giant cupcakes, this really isn’t going to do it for you.  On the other hand, the pros are 7 cupcakes in 5 minutes (!) and a higher lightly crispy outer crust to inner cake ratio.  Take a look at the video and see what you think:  Mini Cupcake Factory by ThinkGeek

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4 Responses to Mini Cupcake Factory by ThinkGeek

  1. stephanie

    sweet jesus i want this!

  2. luanda

    OMG!!! how can I get one of these??? I live in Brazil!

  3. Chantel

    Sunbeam makes a regular sized cupcake maker…

  4. Cupcakey

    I have one, and it works great!

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