Miglet’s Gluten-Free Bakery Makes Cupcakes for All!

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We usually think of cupcakes as a treat that’s available to everyone. Their small size seems to even make them an option for those with more restricted diets. This, sadly, isn’t entirely true, especially for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  When you can’t eat wheat flour, creating cupcakes becomes a much bigger undertaking.

This is where Miglet’s Cupcake Shop of Danville, CA, comes in to save the day.  Miglet’s specializes in gluten-free baked goods – they started with cupcakes and soon expanded to everything from cinnamon buns to hamburger buns.  Katie Alin, Miglet’s founder, started the bakery after working at The Taylor Family Foundation’s Celiac Camp and at Whole Foods and seeing how hard it was for those with gluten-free diets to satisfy their sweet tooth. Her desire to open a gluten-free cupcakery also came from a lifetime of watching her mother Elaine Taylor, who has celiac disease and also runs the Taylor Family Foundation, have to attend special events for years for the foundation without a gluten-free dessert in sight.

The best part of this story is that by all accounts (at least according to the blogosphere and Yelp), Miglet’s makes delicious cupcakes and is overall a huge baked goods success.  I’m impressed by the reviews – my dad has celiac disease and let me tell you, I wouldn’t classify most gluten-free baked goods as delicious, yummy, or amazing. Kudos to Katie Alin and Miglet’s for bringing things up a notch.

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