Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

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This week we had some hot cupcake spottings by a few of our loyal fans and I just had to pass them on to you.

The Disney Store  just recently began selling this adorable line of Minnie Mouse cupcake items.   Thanks Christine for letting us know about them!

Glitter Minnie Mouse NotebookCupcake Minnie Mouse Bag for Girls

Playhouse Disney Minnie Mouse Collection








They also had lunchbags, pencil boxes, water bottles, pajamas, and nightgowns all with the same cupcake theme.


ATC Facebook fan, Heaven, also let us know about cupcakes at The Children’s Place.  Check out these must-haves:

She also saw school supplies, umbrellas, raincoats, hoodies, and baby shoes!

Thanks for letting us know about these sweet finds.  Keep them comin’ our way!

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