New cupcake tattoos

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We are amassing a great collection of spectacular tattoos in the tattoo gallery, and today we have two new ones to share with you.  The first here on the right is from Dana in New Jersey.  She has just got this tattoo on the inside of her forearm.

Dana is a lover of cupcakes and the word cupcake, indeed it is the nickname she gives to her family, friends and dog.  Dana didn’t state the flavor of her cupcake, but I am sure that is a mountain of blueberry frosting on top.

Dana got her tattoo done by artist Lou Morgue from Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville.

The second tattoo is from Andrea who go her cupcake done a while ago on her shoulder.  It is a pretty impressive tattoo complete with banner and stars.

Andrea is obsessed with cupcakes and all things cute and sweet.  Her tattoo was done at Renegade Tattoo by Victor H and is chocolate with strawberry frosting!

We asked Andrea why she has gone the rather unconventional razor on top as opposed to the traditional cherry, and she advised that “life isn’t all sweet, sometimes it can be really painful”. I am not arguing there!

It is hard to read the banner on her cupcake but it says ‘Sweetheart’ which is what her husband calls her. I think it is great that this cupcake has so much thought and detail in it!

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