Cupcakes in Danger?

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Are cupcakes in danger of losing their popularity to other desserts? Back in March we shared with you an NPR article which claimed macaroons to be the new cupcake.  Now two other desserts are threatening to take the cupcake’s spot.  The August issue of Food and Wine Magazine had an article about the increasingly trendy pie which asked “Are pies the new cupcakes? They’re becoming just as ubiquitous at online stores and new restaurants with pie counters.”

And now that the hot summer here, the popsicle is another proposed successor to cupcakes.  On July 7, 2010, a blog post from Allegations of Deliciousness titled “Popsicles are the New Cupcakes” claimed unique popsicles are all the rage. Last summer, Hooks for Cooks might have prediected the future with their post titled “Popsicles will rival cupcakes”  She even quoted a friend saying ” I predict they will take over from cup cakes as the hottest new craze this Summer.” I know here in North Carolina, we have Locopops, a hand-crafted, gourmet popsicle company that began in Durham, NC and has expanded to have four locations and various venders in the Research Triangle Park region.  So cupcake fans, what do you think, will cupcakes lose their top spot?

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5 Responses to Cupcakes in Danger?

  1. Tabitha

    Someone must have been on a sugar high when they said that. I’m somewhere in my thirties, and I still live for cupcakes. My twins LOVE cupcakes. I’m the cupcake lady in our circle of friends. No one ever has to ask what I’m bringing to a party. I don’t care if it’s an adults only dinner party… Mama’s bringin’ cupcakes, and she’s likely eating at least a dozen by herself.

  2. Sarah

    I think that you are going to get some somewhat biased opinions from the fans of this blog. ;)

    But seriously, I think popsicles are too seasonal and pies just don’t have a cuteness factor comparable to cupcakes. Macaroons, however, might be a threat if they become trendy enough with celebrities, or if cupcakes saturate pop culture too thoroughly. But personally, I will always be a cupcake fan!

  3. shannon abdollmohammadi

    I am sad and glad to hear this…I was going to open a cupcake shop in seattle (had business plan tight and ready). Learned from a “market-trend” person that the cupcake trend has peaked and is over saturated with a zillion shops and that folks are ready to move on to the next sweet trend. I guess I need a business plan for a popsicle shop…LOL!!!

  4. KireiTsukino

    maybe cupcakes will be less popular but I will never have something I love just as much :)

    macaroons are cute though haha

  5. kristen

    I’ve noticed a preponderance of frozen yogurt shops popping up all over creation lately. Is froyo the new cupcake? ;)

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