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SittingĀ  here watching/listening to the TLC channel I hear the word ‘Cupcakes’ and I whip my head over immediately to see what all the cupcake commotion is. It was all about TLC’s new show DC Cupcakes!

DC Cupcakes is about Georgetown Cupcake, a cupcake shop in Washington DC owned by a sister duo! They traded careers in fashion and equity to pursue something a little different. They are both lifelong bakers inspired by their grandmothers. They opened their shop on Valentines Day in 2008, the first cupcakery in DC!

Tune in on July 16th @ 1o PM on TLC!

Tune in on July 16th @ 1o PM on TLC!

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39 Responses to DC Cupcakes

  1. Kristen Loper

    With Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes, cupcakes must be the new “abundant family” or “wedding drama.”

  2. Richard


    I would like to know if you would be interested in developing a franchise concept?

    Please contact me at 317-918-9616.

    Hope to here from you soon.


  3. Diana Santos

    I’m looking forward to watching DC Cupcakes on July 16th. Lots of luck with the show!
    ~ Diana ~

  4. olivia

    i can’t wait for the show !!!

  5. John

    Good luck with the show but honestly, the cupcakes there are just ok. I travel a lot for work and I seek out the cupcake shops everywhere I go. I was a bit disappointed with this place because it came so highly recommended.

  6. Melissa

    We are soon to visit D.C. and a client recommended stopping by your shop, can’t wait to try your treats. How long can we expect to wait in line. Congrats on your show.

  7. Michelle

    i can’t wait for tonight show !!!!!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  8. Jane

    For more about DC Cupcakes and Georgetown Cupcake owners Sophie and Katherine check out this Q&A interview, recipes, videos and cupcake maps. http://www.tvtango.com/news/detail/id/229/

  9. anon

    JC owns all your minds

  10. Pam

    Very disappointed :( In D.C.from Florida for a long weekend and couldn’t wait to go after seeing the show. Long line – did move fairly quickly, but the cupcakes were just “okay”… very small for $2.75 each. Glad we went, but would not go again.

  11. Cynthia

    You should create a cookbook so everyone can try your recipes! I live on the west coast so standing in your line isn’t an option for me. How about passing along some of those family recipes? I’d be willing to make that purchase, your cupcakes look sooo good!

  12. kanika

    i just love to cook but my oven do not work. so i just buy cupcake from stores and make thin some cream and some stuff just like what you guys make. so bye.

  13. jack

    because of high heels, let them <A href="http://www.christianlouboutinpumps88.com/christian-louboutin-evening-c-

  14. Sofia

    I would like to try one but I live in Minnesota :(

  15. vicki sloka

    you have a great show . im coming out their in march. with my granddaughter. my parents are having their 55 wedding annversiy. i would like to see your shop. do you delivery to wisconsin,ill borader. i would like to order some cupcakes for my parents ann.

  16. vicki sloka

    you gugs are great. im coming to vist in march. can not wait.

  17. Kelsey

    I was wondering if you had a recipe that i could use, like not one of your top secret ones, but one made from scratch with a home made frosting also. Like cream cheese frosting (example) but something yummy, i am in LOVE with cupcakes.. no worries i’m not an addict of them :) but i can’t come visit to eat them because i live in WI…. :( haha so just a little taste of your recipe. :) and all of the recipe rights will go to you i would just make a batch to try :) Please and Thank you
    Kelsey Marie

  18. Emily and Julie

    Hey DC cupcake girls u should make spaghetti cupcakes. with a meat ball base with a hollow center. filll with angel hair.put a spaghetti sauce toping on.

  19. eddie brooks

    just open my own business have a lot of ? please give me a call 7085660891

  20. Gini Smith

    Hello from Illinois,
    I am sitting here in Decatur, Illinois watching you make the cupcake cancer bra . We are (Veterans of WWII and guardians for each veteran) coming to DC April 26th, 2011 on a chartered flight to Reagan airport.These veterans are 79 to 97 years old. The veterans have never ever seen their memorial. We are there for 1 day and taking them to see the WWII memorial by chartered bus and the other memorials around DC. (We) the guardians have all paid $ 400.00 to bring our war heros to see their memorial. I wondered if you would be interested in
    donating enough cupcakes to feed our 2 busloads of vets and guardians. Probably around 135 people
    but I could get an exact count if this is something you would be interested in doing. Thank you! Gini

  21. Joe

    OMG!!! I love dc cupcakes. They are the best tv show/bakery around. You have to go check them out. Hurry! If you don’t, you will miss out on their spectacular cupcakes!!! :) :)

  22. Judy Lankford

    I visited your shop on Monday April 11. I thought the shop was absolutely adorable and exactly how I imagined it would be. The cupcakes were beautiful!! I purchased 14 cupcakes to go. The sad thing is I didnt finish them because the young lady packaging them had on a dangeling bracelet that rubbed the tops of at least 6 of them before I told her about it. She tucked it under her glove but didnt offer to replace the ones that
    were “contaminated”. I was a little grossed out when I got home to enjoy them with my family that I just tossed the first 6 I saw her package. I cant help but think what that bracelet could have dangled in. The cupcakes we did get to enjoy were delish!

  23. Pamela

    Gini, kudos to you and all that are involved. I am also from Illinois, Herrin, almost at the bottom. My grandfather was in WWII. I think what all of you are doing for the Vets is awesome. My grandfather has been to DC several times and was touched every time. My father is a Vietnam Vet. I hope DC Cupcakes takes care of you and all the Vets. I can only imagine what they will come up with. They are so creative and seem, from the show, to be very caring gals. Good Luck and have a safe trip.

  24. dierha

    .im from indonesia.
    i want learn how to make cupcake
    can u help me to do that
    please contact me
    and try to come to indonesia

  25. Nur Farhana

    hi, I really enjoy your show, the cupcakes looks amazing and I really really want to taste one of your cupcakes but unfortunately I live in Malaysia, it’s too far away to visit your store.. so I was wondering if you could share your cupcakes recipe, just the cupcake.. how to make the delicious cupcake, the ingredients because I really to want to learn how to make and someday when I grow up, I want to have a cupcakes store just like you. thank you. :)

  26. Arsya

    i very like watch DC Cupcakes,because very yummy and nice fondant and another thing i very like DC Cupcakes !!!

  27. Nancy

    love your show! keep it up….and i really enjoy cooking cupcakes….(“,)

  28. didith

    i’m delighted with your cup cakes…i would be glad if you will send me some of your cupcake recipes and how to make icing & frosting..im fond of baking and enjoy doing it but im not really as good as one..i am still learning some more techniques…and pretty sure dc is the best cupcakes maker in the world..keep it up..

  29. Jennie

    We LOVE DC Cupcakes, I work at a hospital and every month we order DC Cupcakes. They are worth every bit. Just the right size, lots of variety and it is a great pick me up for the week. Everyone is excited and look forward to delivery day. Even have our husband loving them, the Fedex driver is also on board and Loves them. Can’t wait for next month already. You brighten our day.

  30. honey

    me and my daughter really love your show,even my youngest daughter , a 2 yr old knows your show.i even started my own cup cake business now.thanks a million to both of you.
    i would like to ask how do you prepare your coconut toppings on your cup cake?
    your response will be highly appreciated.god bless and much luck to your business and family!

  31. Maria

    Hi I loveeeee DC Cupcakes show….but I was wondering if anyone knows the secret to their whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting, it is a ganache? or chocolate frosting? I haven’t tried them but it looks delishhhh and wanted to see if anyone knows what the process for that frosting is! thanks in advance!

  32. Jessica

    I was wondering if they could really tell me the recipe called, ” DC cupcake christmas” with the gingerbread on top.
    best regard. :)

  33. Jodi

    morning, my daughter and I will be in DC next week on vacation. We are going to stop in to get yummy DC Cupcakes. We both cant wait.

  34. Ika

    I want to taste one. But i live in Malaysia.. I never miss DC Cupcake show.. Because one day, i want to be like Katherine and Sophie :)

  35. Shawna

    Hello! I loved your segment on The Revolution and the “HEALTHY” versions of your cupcakes but COMPLETELY missed the recipe.. :( I am diabetic and would LOVE that recipe. How can I possibly get it?

  36. ma esmeralda


    I would like to know if you would be interested in developing a franchise concept?


  37. sky

    i like these cupcakes

  38. carol

    I’m looking for the recipe for a chocolate eggnog cup cake you did today 11/12/12 on the talk show…
    Thanks carol

  39. carol

    I’d like you chocolate eggnog cupcake recipe that wa son the talk show 11/12/12


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