Going green at home

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Last week I discovered environmentally friendly cupcakes and the Build a Green Bakery in New York, and I got to thinking about how you can think green with your baking at home, or should I say brown?

Most cupcake liners are bleached and waxed, making them perfect for all our party needs, but when I am at home and need a fix, do I really care if the wrapper has colored polka dots on it? Lets face it, the little wrapper no matter how cute is going to end up in the bin anyway!  As long as my cupcake tastes good, I’m happy.

Unfortunately the eco-friendly options in Australia are limited so for now when I want a green cupcake, it will need to cook in its ‘birthday suit’ opposed to its ‘birthday wrapper’!  However in America, two companies produce these little brown babies; If You Care and Beyond Gourmet.

Understandably, they are well ‘brown’ and yes, a bit ‘boring’, so for those times when you need something a little more fancy, Green Party Goods has a number of different green options for home baking and display!  One great option they offer is the eco-cupcake stand, because who really looks at what the stand is made of? Especially when it looks so good decorated with a little bit of ribbon.

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2 Responses to Going green at home

  1. Ylenia

    I have dedicated my latest post to Cupcakes and found your creations which I have published!
    Hope you do not mind I did it, but i have enclosed the link to your blog.

    come, have a look, and follow me!



  2. shanshea

    i always use the If You Care brand wrappers and parchment paper. They are great! I’ve never had any problems with sticking or anything. Plus there are more in a box and they are cheaper!! ++++ all around

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