Sex and the City Tour Giveaway!

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Now this is a first for us here at ATC!  This week we are hosting a giveaway for a Sex and the City Hotspots Tour by Screentours.

The giveaway is for a gift certificate for two tickets to Sex & the City Hotspots Tour, which runs daily (an $84 value). The gift certificate never expires so you can use it during you next planned trip to NYC.  Perhaps you are wondering how this tour relates to cupcakes?  Read the tour highlights to find out!

*Shop at the store where Charlotte bought her “Rabbit”
*Stop at “Scout,” the bar owned by Aidan
*Enjoy cupcakes like Carrie and Miranda
*Go on location to the art gallery in SoHo where Charlotte worked
*Shop at the hottest boutiques & stores in Greenwich Village
*Visit Buddakan, site of Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner
*See new locations from Sex and the City: the Movie

To enter this giveaway, please click on the comment area below and tell us one Sex and the City show fact.  Please only enter this giveaway if you have the ability to travel to NYC!! One winner will be chosen on Monday, June 21st.  Sex and the City Hotspots Tour | On Location Tours | New York Tour | New York Sightseeing

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18 Responses to Sex and the City Tour Giveaway!

  1. stefanie gaxiola

    Kristin Davis’s grandma has never seen Sex and the City and doesn’t even know the title of the show. Kristin says she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    Ok, that is just too funny! :)

  2. Catherine Armour

    Season 5 only had 8 episodes due to Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy

  3. Brittanie

    The ballerina tutu that Carrie is wearing in the opening credits cost only $5 from a vintage store!!

    I have to say I loved the nod to that outfit in the first movie. It was too cute!

  4. Stacy Ross

    The show is based off the autobiographical newspaper columns written by Candace Bushnell.

  5. Gina

    Carrie and Big met in the first episode of Sex and the City when they walked into each other in the street.

  6. Tiffaneyc

    Episode titles include Bay of Married Pigs, Four Women and a Funeral, Politically Erect, Are We Sluts?, and Cock a Doodle Do!

  7. rachel crisman

    Here is a fact! I knew a guy that was supposed to play the Aidan charactor but he was considered too good looking so he did not get that role.A.J. has lost many roles because he is too perfect.

  8. lovey

    Sarah Jessica previously dated actor, Robert Downey, Jr. and the late John F. Kennedy, Jr.

  9. Leah

    Cynthia Nixon plays Miranda!!

  10. Kearstin

    Candace Bushnell recently released a new book called “The Carrie Diaries,” which chronicles Carrie’s life before “Sex and the City.”

  11. shanshea

    Cynthia Nixon dyes her hair red to play Miranda on the show, she is naturally blond.

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  13. Kay

    Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is a blonde in real life :o)

  14. Molly

    Patricia Field is the stylist for Sex and the City.

  15. Tanya

    What was the phone number on the comic Wade sent to Carrie? Wade sends Carrie a comic drawing of her on the phone, with a caption that reads, ” I have to call Power Lad”! Right below that is the phone number 212-459-1905

  16. lollicakes

    Since this is a cupcake site…a little cupcake trivia…Carrie and Miranda eat cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery while they talk about Carrie’s new crush, Aidan.

  17. Kristina

    Mr Big’s first name, John, was not revealed until the last episode of the last series. =D

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