Hello Cupcake Hosts a “Design Your D.C.” Cupcake Challenge!

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I’m really not sure what to make of this:

Or this:

 but these creative cupcakes were entries in Washington D.C.’s Hello Cupcake‘s “Design Your D.C.” cupcake challenge.

 The top one was titled “Foggy Bottom,” while the bottom one was called, “Bo and Michelle Obama’s Organic Garden Cupcake.”

Hmm… that’s some food for thought.  If you dare to eat it.

But it was all in good fun, as a panel of judges chose winners for:  most creative use of fondant; most likely to be eaten; best use of theme; and best-designed political statement.

The winner of the “best overall cupcake design” was awarded a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, while the other winners were awarded Kitchen Aid Hand Mixers.

Want to see the grand prize winner? 

Here she is:


 This one was simply called “Chinatown Cupcake” and it was also awarded the most likely to be eaten ribbon.


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