A Cupcake Personality

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Recently I discovered Donica, an amazing woman and artist who is exploring art therapy and is enrolled in a Transpersonal Psychology program.  Simply put, transpersonal psychology is a form of psychology that studies the spiritual aspects of the human experience.  During this study she was introduced to Jung’s Archetypes, which effectively are differing but repeating patterns of thought and action that reappear time and again across people, countries and continents.

Effectively Jung indicated that we are all made up of basic archetypes, these represent a way of feeling and acting, for example ‘the mother’ – feeding, nurturing, soothing, or ‘the maiden’ – purity, desire, etc.  Jung’s Archetypes, are fascinating to read about.  Donica, has used her study to self-identify 12 archetypes which guide her.  Creatively she then matched each of these archetypes to 12 cupcake flavors, and then developed a menu of her cupcake archetypes and crocheted each.    Her cupcake archetypes are:

Warrior –  Red Chili Mango
Artist –  Starry Blueberry Night
Lover –  Strawberry Cheesecake Delight
Prostitute – Mint White Chocolate
Magical Inner Child – Funfetti Birthday Cake
Saboteur – Wild Berry
Victim – Uh-oh upside Down Pineapple
Femme Fatale – Titillating Tiramisu
Secretary – Pumpkin Danish
Messenger – Golden Angel Food Cake
Hedonist – Pink Lemondae Pleasure
Storyteller – Spicy Vanilla Chai Latte

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5 Responses to A Cupcake Personality

  1. Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

    So cute and unusual.

  2. melita

    that donica is something else! (love her!!) she’s absolutely amazing and SO talented! i think my fav is her femme fatale, and it might have just a little something to do with my love of tiramisu, just maybe. :)


  3. Phoenix Peacock

    I agree, that Donica is something else! These are wonderful and creative.

  4. kaileenelise

    wow! i simply adore donica’s spirit and creativity :) we have been friends for many years and she is always inspiring me in new ways.

  5. Tiffany

    I love Donica, I follow her posts all the time.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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