Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Bike Ride

By on June 8th, 2010 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Here’s a cupcake idea that’s been getting a lot of buzz this week and certainly one that I hope catches on in my hometown: city-wide cupcakery bicycle tours.  Hyedie Hashimoto recently founded the Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Bike Ride. Ever since the Toronto Star did a story on it last week, she and her new ride have been all over the cupcake blogs.

Image by Happy D Designs

Why a cupcake ride? Because cupcakes are awesome (hello!) and because Toronto has the right density of cupcake places for a good city-wide bike tour. Why ladies’ only? “I heard last year about a report that said less women were riding bikes than men,” says Hashimoto, “I wanted to do something to help promote girls on bikes.”

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2 Responses to Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Bike Ride

  1. Richard Porter

    What a sweet idea ladies. I would love to see this in America as well. Ride a bike eat a cupcake is so smooth on so many levels. I hope you let the guys in next time.
    Cheers keep Riding

  2. hyedie

    WOW! Thank you for writing about me :)

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