Love in the Time of Cupcakes

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I love to read blogs, but they don’t usually make me cry.  Then enter Love in the Time of Cupcakes!  Darn her, she pulled on my cupcake strings!

Mary T. Wagner is the author of two books, Running with Stilettos and Heck on Heels.  She’s a mother of four and an attorney, and yet she somehow still manages to write the touching and tear-jerking blog, Running with Stilettos.


In her essay Love in the Time of Cupcakes, Mary shares how, even though she was a busy career mom, she always made time to celebrate her children’s lives, and to be involved through cupcakes.  She made two dozen “ghost cupcakes” for each of her three children in grammar school to help celebrate Halloween.  Each tennis season, she made “tennis ball cupcakes” for her son’s and daughter’s teams.  (She bemoans the fact that the girls would scream with delight at the cupcakes’ cuteness, but the boys would just inhale them!)  This essay celebrates mothering and cupcaking at the same time, and was so beautiful that, even this early in the morning, I’m thinking of going to wake up my daughter.  She won’t mind when I tell her we’re going to make some cupcakes!

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  1. Mary

    Robin, thanks so much for the kind words! Good lord, I didn’t think I’d make you mist up…though I have to say every time I get to the end of the story, I kind of get a little teary myself. Viva cupcakes and their ability to convey love in tiny, perfect packages.

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