Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

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Where would you place your tattoo??

We have received some really cool images this week of cupcake tattoos.  It got me thinking where I would put my cupcake tattoo if I wasn’t such a wimp when it comes to burning needles!  Also I have a huge tendency to change my mind, so anything that cannot be altered or modified five minutes later, is just no good.  But if I was to have one, where would it go?  I do like the ankle area, or perhaps on my tummy just along my pant line. Hmm, today it would definitely be chocolate with triple choc chip.

So where would you place yours – hypothetically of course!  I haven’t seen any head cupcake tattoos yet, but Jessica wins the shoulder one (well it is in the vicinity of her shoulder) with this gorgeous cupcake nestled under her arm.  I love the little red bow.

And no one has a knee one yet – if you do send it in.  However one of our readers did send in this little cherry dotted one on her foot.  A big hello to the Skull & Rose Gallery in Clintonville, Ohio, where these were done!

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3 Responses to Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

  1. Pro-Portional Designs

    Thanks for including me in your fantastic gallery of cupcake tattoos!

  2. Rad Runner

    So very cute! I have a whole (almost whole..) arm of sweets!

  3. sara

    Mine is on my ribs which killed but it looks so good and is totally worth it-the pain is brief. It’s not in my face so I don’t get sick of it.

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