Debbie-Lee’s Birthday Cupcakes

By on June 3rd, 2010 . Filed under: Photos .

We received these photos and this email from ATC Reader Debbie-Lee…


My name is Debbie-lee Osborne (aged 32)
I had a cupcake party for my last birthday & made the giant cupcake as well as the cupcake stand & all the cupcakes on it
I love you website & would love to show off my 1st attempts!!

Thanx heaps

Debbielee (cupcake-a-holic)

Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Belated Birthday! They look great! :)

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  1. LauraP

    I like the chocolate details on the small cupcakes. The cupcakes stand is really cute too. Good job…oh and Happy Birthday!

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