I Am Baker Flower Cupcakes

By on June 2nd, 2010 . Filed under: Blogs, Cupcake Ideas .

I Am Baker is extremely talented when it comes to decorating all things sweet.  I came across these flower cupcakes and loved them.  They are frosted to look like flowers then topped with a royal icing flower which includes initials in the leaf.  Her website includes tons of other unique cupcake and impressive dessert displays.

I think one of my favorite dessert displays is this table and it's actually not the cupcakes that I like!

It's the inside that I really love, frosting flowers!

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4 Responses to I Am Baker Flower Cupcakes

  1. The Party Animal

    OMG that cake is amazing – How the heck did she do that? If I tried that it would be a big colored blob inside my cake – lol That is just Beautiful !!!

  2. Gina L.

    That is so adorable! It’s like a gift inside the gift!


    Those are so cute. I love the flower cake. I have seen hearts like that but never flowres inside the cake.

  4. kell

    wow i didnt even notice some of these pics before. i love that cake though with the flowers!!

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