A Childish Giveaway!

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Cupcakes make us all feel like a kid again, right? So this week we are giving away something for your inner child or the child in your family. Check out these adorable cupcake crayons by Etsy seller GaddyNipperCrayons:

Half a Dozen Creamy Cupcake Crayons-- Packaged and Ready for Gift Giving

These little crayons arrived wrapped like a special birthday present.  My kids (and I!) had such a fun time using these crayons.   Their size and shape makes them perfect for young children who haven’t mastered their fine motor skills yet. 

Check out these other amazing crayons from her shop:
Tropical Lego Brick Crayons Set of 5 -- Packaged and Ready for Gift Giving
Birthday Party Favors Crayon SetSolid Colors -- Your Name in Crayons -- 3 Letters -- Packaged and Ready for Gift Giving
This week you have the chance to win one set of cupcake crayons.  Just go to GaddyNipperCrayon’s Etsy shop and have a look around.  Then come back to ATC. click on the comment area below and tell us what crayons (besides the cupcake ones) were your favorite.  One winner will be chose on Monday, June 7.  Special thanks to GaddyNipperCrayons for sponsoring this giveaway!
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85 Responses to A Childish Giveaway!

  1. Mizzle

    They’re all super cute but I think my faves besides the cupcakes ones were the Elmo ones and the Lego people ones!

  2. Candace R

    besides the cupcake ones, I would have to say the personalized ones are super cute as well as the lego people. :)

  3. katie

    the kermit the frog crayons are sooo adorable!!

  4. Robin

    What a great idea! I like Kermit the Frog the best!

  5. Chrissy

    Mustache Crayons!

  6. sue

    I love the ladybugs, they are so cute, but the cupcakes are the best!

  7. Alison

    The Ladybugs are definitely my favorite (after the cupcakes ones, of course!).

  8. Amber

    Yum…cupcake crayons!! I love them all, but the inner geek in me is screaming out for the Star wars crayons! I may even get my husband to color with us using those!!!

  9. Wendy

    If I have to choose only one, I love the “Your Name in Silly Swirls” crayons. There are so many great crayons here – I’m so happy!! :-)

  10. Jodi

    I love the Eiffel Tower crayons and Snow White. My 3 yr. old is having a Snow White birthday party in a month and I’m going to get her these crayons! My boys would love the LEGO guys, Ocean and Dinosaur. So creative and fun!

  11. adrian

    I love the tea time crayons. They would be adorable with the cupcake crayons!

  12. Karyn

    Have to say the Star Wars Crayons were my favorite so so cool for a Star Wars lover :)

  13. Liesel

    I love the cupcake crayons, but since my son is all about cars, the hot wheels crayons are a close second :)

  14. Doni

    I loved the Kermit and the Baloon crayons =)

  15. Amber

    I just love the Mickey Mouse and Cookie Monster ones!

  16. jenna

    Hands down, LOVE the Lego People!

  17. Tram

    Oh the lego men are adorable!!!!


    Lego men and cowboy hats are my fav- but esp cupcakes ;)

  19. Heather M.

    I LOVE the name crayons and the legos! As a matter of fact, I already have this shop hearted on my etsy. I have plans to order a set of the cupcake crayons and a name for my best friend’s birthday in July. (Gee, I hope she doesn’t see that! lol)

  20. Angelia

    i love the little leggo people crayons, and the cupcake crayons look good enough to eat. the name crayons would work perfectly for a birthday party.

  21. Stephanie

    The cupcakes top the list (of course) but we (my husband, son and I) LOVE the Star Wars ones! My son saw them and said “for rayens!” translated, that’s “force crayons”!

  22. monica alexander

    how cute are they… :)

  23. Bari

    Besides the cupcake crayons, I liked the “Silly Swirl” stars best! Crayons! What a great idea! When I was a kid, I’d buy crayons for myself for Christmas – even wrapped them and put them under the tree. I love crayons. I love cupcakes. I love stars!

  24. Jenny

    I like the diplomas. How else to tell your little kinder grad congrats? Little diploma crayons to say, color on small wonder, color on…

  25. Kathryn

    I love the animal cracker ones! My 3 year old LOVES animals and he would love these crayons! I loved the whole site though! These would make the perfect gift! I’m adding it to my favorites!

  26. Claire

    I think the mustache crayons are hilarious. I would giggle every time I used them :)

  27. crazy bunny lady

    The cupcake crayons obviously rock, but my other favorite were the Alice in Wonderland crayons. So stinkin cute!

  28. Gia

    I am IN LOVE with the cupcake crayons! I can only imagine what fun my daughters and I would have with those. I, for some reason, am totally drawn to the mustache crayons! I have never seen any like those and I think they’re so cute!!

  29. Donna

    I love the domino (multi-functional lol) and the Alice in Wonderland crayons!!

    My nephew wants the surfboards for his “guys” (little toy men) to use haha

  30. Lena

    I love the swirly drops and the leggos! Perfect for little hands!

  31. Kyra

    I love the Elmo crayons and so would my daughter. I love her shop and will definitely be keeping it in mind for gifts.

  32. Suzanne

    I love these crayons! so creative and not what you find at craft shows and other sites- my favorite are the personalized name ones, I’d love to use them for party favors for the kids that attend my daughter’s bday party! much nicer than a cheap, plastic toy and useful too!

  33. Cera

    I love the mustache crayons! I’m totally tempted to get them for myself even if I don’t win.

  34. Lise'

    Cupcake Crayons are the best! Those are so super-cute!~

  35. Sarah C

    I also love the cute lil circus elephants crayons!
    soluckyducky at {gmail} dot {com}

  36. Stacy R

    The lego men are definitely the coolest, other than the cupcakes. :)

  37. sritacaramelo

    i could just eat the hearts crayons!! perfect to top the cupcake ones! so cute!!! ^ ^

  38. Rockerjewlz

    I liked the Cute Lil Cowboy Boots. Those sharp edges would make nice clean lines on paper.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. kathi k

    They are all adorable! I love the ‘your name…’ ones and big bang!!! awesome!

  40. Richelle

    I love the Alice in Wonderland ones! They’re so cute and the White Rabbit is just simply adorable!

  41. Talia L

    Wow they are all so adorable!! I have to say I love the little lego ones. The cupcake ones are fabulous!

  42. Kim H

    I really liked the Dominoe one. What fun. You can color and play dominoes with them. My son would pick the star wars ones.

  43. Kim H

    I love the dominoes. You can play with them and color them. Awesome. My son would pick the Star Wars one.

  44. Jessica J

    I love love love the puzzle piece crayons!! So much fun!!

  45. Ashley :)

    I must say that I LOVE the teapot crayons :D
    I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland right now and those only make it worse! haha

    Great stuff!

  46. Angie

    the cupcakes are the best, so I think the teapot crayons would go well with them!

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  48. Csilla

    The mustache crayons were definitely my other fav!

  49. April

    I love to pick on my younger sister that she is going to find and marry a man who loves Star Wars, so I loved the Star Wars crayons. But the ‘stache crayons were too cute.

  50. Pixie

    The cupcakes are my obvious favorite but a close second goes to the mustache shaped crayons! Too adorable!!! <3

  51. Linda Ann Brown

    I have to say I like the silly swirl hearts! I actually love all the swirl variations. Not to mention this site is going on my list for stocking stuffers! lol

  52. Alyssa

    I absoutly love the cupcake crayons what an adorable idea. Who whoulda thought to make such cool things out of crayons! I love the cute lil cowboy boots! This whole collection is amazing!

  53. Koko

    WOW!! These are just too cute. Love the cupcakes and the Lego men. Thanks for sharing the site with us. My kids can’t wait to buy some.

  54. genevieve Le Bel

    I LOVE the lego people!!! SO CUTE! Wish me luck!!!

  55. Cindy

    Love the Alice in Wonderland ones, tho cupcakes are still my fave

  56. Danielle

    Besides cupcakes I love ladybugs! Especially the swirly ones!

  57. ciara muramoto

    I love, love, love the mustache crayons!! What a great Etsy find!

  58. Mariel Baker

    I Love the mustache ones other then the cupcakes ones of course! I don’t know why but mustaches have become popular like cupcakes! There’s been a trend among my friends lately getting cupcake and mustache tattoos!

  59. Stephke

    My favourite are Half a Dozen Silly Swirl Cupcake Crayons!!! So cute! But actually they’re all cute! :)

  60. Amanda

    Definately the mustache crayons! I was very impressed that these were even available! I would like to see maybe some different kinds of mustaches and perhaps a nose… you could have so much fun with them!

  61. Mercedes Escoto

    I really like the Half dozen swirly cupcake crayons!

  62. Chrsitine

    What a unique idea!! I love the cupcakes by far, but next on the fav list would be the Build your own Lego.

  63. Maureen

    Because everyone love the Disney characters I love the Mickey Mouse and Friends Set of 5

  64. Rocio

    My favorites are Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. I also loved the packaging-simple and sweet!

  65. Jennifer

    Love the cupcake ones! or the ladybugs!

  66. Breanne

    Def. going to have to go with the half a dozen silly swirl cupcakes, too cute!!

  67. Emma..x

    The Alice in wonderland Crayons are really sweet but the Elmo Crayons are Amsing!! And my daughter loves the Lady bugs and the surf up crayons just loves all Animals and Sea Life..!!! ……….x

  68. Amelia

    After the cupcake ones, I love the Alice in Wonderland ones! So cute

  69. McKenna M. Keenan

    All are super cute, but I appreciate 1 2 3 Come and Count with Me for it’s dual purposes of coloring, counting, etc.!!!

  70. Chelsea

    Of course the cupcake ones will always win, but this lady has quite a talent for making adorable crayons out of all those little stubs everyone will always hate. The more I look at these wonderful crayons, the harder it is to decide on a favorite. But alas, I am quite drawn by the adorable little cowboy boots!!! So great.

  71. Kristina

    They were all so cute but I really liked the Lego ones.

  72. Angela S

    I really like the tea time crayons in the shape of different colored tea pots! What little girl hasn’t played tea time with her dolls? Adorable! Plus, I used to work in a tea room so they remind me of my afternoon tea days!

  73. Jennifer

    The Legos are AWESOME!

  74. lisa

    the legos are really cute! and a great shape for coloring!

  75. Gloria

    The lego ones I think are the cutest.

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  77. thalita

    i will have t say the balloon crayons .. not only they’re so colorful , full of life and just brings memory of our childhood. it kind of reminds me of its time to party lol i love them .
    but the lil cupcake one are just adorable.. good job .
    i would love to see some more food like crayons maybe with some glitter ahhhhhh so sassy !:)

  78. Jillian

    Definitely the mustache crayons. Who doesn’t want a mustache?? Especially one that is bright yellow!!

  79. Gayle Beuthin


  80. Rebekah

    I really liked the letters with the images embedded.

  81. ♥ paige ♥

    i liked the snowflakes and the cupcakes they should make some horse ones though

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  85. stacey lenzovich

    love these they are too cute my daughter would love them

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